Mobile alternatives

Looking forward to this… I would like to be a part of beta team as well (if there is such a thing)… Cheers…!!

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Does this look likely before year end or is next year more likely?

It’s been quite a while since the android beta was just a few weeks away. @Michal_Burger Can you give us an updated timeline for the android beta?

I agree there are many phone apps to provide email and tasks. My concern would be my emclient notes. There really is no good way to get notes on my tablet or phone.

Epim has a great notes application too but there sync to google and others sucks. Simply doesn’t work.

Looking forward to anything in this area.

So now emclient 9.2 is out, perhaps work can go on for the Android version!?! I’m also a little bit worried about Michael Burger. He’s stopped giving us updates about the work in progress on the Android version and according to his forum profile, his last post dates back from Sept. 20th. Is he doing alright? :thinking::anguished:

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