Mobile alternatives

Looking forward to this… I would like to be a part of beta team as well (if there is such a thing)… Cheers…!!

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Does this look likely before year end or is next year more likely?

It’s been quite a while since the android beta was just a few weeks away. @Michal_Burger Can you give us an updated timeline for the android beta?

I agree there are many phone apps to provide email and tasks. My concern would be my emclient notes. There really is no good way to get notes on my tablet or phone.

Epim has a great notes application too but there sync to google and others sucks. Simply doesn’t work.

Looking forward to anything in this area.

So now emclient 9.2 is out, perhaps work can go on for the Android version!?! I’m also a little bit worried about Michael Burger. He’s stopped giving us updates about the work in progress on the Android version and according to his forum profile, his last post dates back from Sept. 20th. Is he doing alright? :thinking::anguished:

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I love to see your mobile version. I have many aliases for my email, and emClient tackles it perfectly. I hope I can handle all email aliases on my mobile phone, and not need to bring a laptop everywhere.

Please, don’t drop mobile version from your plan.

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@Michal_Burger Are there any updates on this??

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Just bump! Don’t make this idea drop!

Also very keen to try the Android app. Happy to be a Z Fold tester so we can see how it works on this phone.

New here to the forum but have been using desktop version for a while and really like it. I have been struggling with mobile however. I started looking and found this forum topic and want to add another bump to the conversation. Please finish the Android version.

DITTO for me. Let us know!

I’m also very interested in an emclient-App for iOS that can be used on the iPhone and iPad.

I’ve just purchased the desktop client and really do need an IOS mobile version so I can dump Outlook. It all looks to have gone quiet regarding this though disappointingly.

Quote from 9/6/2022

@Michal_Burger Are there any updates on the mobile versions??


Re eM Client upcoming App design for sub folders / labels

Alot of my Apple friends who have heaps of nested sub foldes / labels under their Gmail accounts (with long file names) have problems viewing these in the Gmail app and had to resort to using the Mac Mail app.

Eg: The Gmail app doesn’t allow you to (move to the right enough) to see all the nested sub folders / labels where Mac Mail iOS app can do that no problems.

Apple seemed to have figured out the app design way better to handle that. This is also a problem with the Gmail droid app, but unfortunately no Mac Mail for droid app they can use lol.

So if you can take this into account when you are developing the iOS & Droid eM Client app to make it easy to see all nested folders / labels etc.

This is getting plain ridiculous! Nobody at eM Client seems to care to give us some kind of update for months now. :rage: Last time was in October – and then we were told the Android version would just be weeks away… That’s not weeks ago, but FOUR months!!!

No answer is also an answer. Seems like the Android version of eM Client is just a (bad) joke or even vapourware; I can tell you I won’t wait indefinitely and the way it looks like, the Android version of Thunderbird will be out before eM Client for Android. And then, eM Client will lose at least me as a customer – unless Thunderbird is a total bummer.

Sorry for the rant, but I’m really fed of being left in ignorance – that’s really bad style to be ghosted like this. :frowning_face: :frowning_face: :frowning_face:

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I couldn’t agree more :disappointed:

Internal testing is progressing and we should have a public beta available later this year.

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Well, at least that’s an answer/update! Thanks for that. :+1:

P.S.: Just noticed that an early access version of eM Client for Android has been released in the Google Play Store. Can’t link directly to the app, but all one has to do is open the Play Store app and search for eM Client… Looks great and already works quite fine – way to go and thumbs up for that!!! :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:

That early release version is a bit too buggy for me after testing it on my two Droid OS 13 mobiles. I’ll wait for a later Beta version to test.