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We are going to officially announce this preview/beta version in a few days. We’ll currently in the middle of a certification process with a more polished version (it should appear on the Google Play in 2-4 days).
However I am still curious what issues are you experiencing? Based on our internal testing even this early version is relatively stable. Can you send us the list of these issues to [email protected], please?


In the android app to migrate from desktop it says;

  1. Opem eM Client for desktop
  2. Select Tools > QR Export in main menu

I don’t see “QR Export in main menu”. Is that not available yet in eM Client version 9.2.1222?

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These are features for upcoming versions of eM Client. While testing pre-release and beta applications, please send your questions to [email protected]

Your fellow users on the forum will not be able to answer such questions. :wink:


What about IOS? Is there an IOS app in development for us non-Android users?

I’m looking to dump Outlook due to it’s duplicate folder issue with everything iCloud.

A simple Yes or No would be helpful in this regard, thanks.

The answer is a simple Yes. :wink:

When a version is ready for public testing, we will make it available, but there is no ETA at this time.


Great, that’s all I needed to know. Thanks Gary

The latest Droid Beta app V9.3.2676 is really stable / smooth now even with really large IMAP account folders / labels. Well done to the Devs :slightly_smiling_face:

The new just released updated Android / iOS Beta app with “Push Notifications” now finally works (for non Google accounts) as per the latest blog link below. Well done to the team getting that working. My own and accounts do now get push notifications within a few seconds & open and work great :slightly_smiling_face:

Ps Hopefully soon Google / Gmail account push notification support won’t be far away.

To enable push notifications after updating the app “for existing accounts”, just go into the app settings and open your email account and slide the “Use Push Notifications on”. You don’t need to remove & readd the account.

Push Notifications and other mobile updates | eM Client