Mobile alternatives

I’m considering moving to eM Client, but the absence of a mobile app is a problem. Curious if anyone has come up with a creative solution that somewhat integrates with using the desktop.

Why do you need a mobile version of eMC? You can use any email client of your liking, even the native app in your smartphone. The same goes for your calendar(s) if you plan to use one.

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I can’t promise you anything specific now, but something is happening on our side in that matter. We’ll publish more about that quite soon I believe, so stay tuned :).


I guess, but then why do I need a desktop version of eMC when I can use the native version?

Hi, Michal. That would be great. Can you give me an idea of what “soon” means? days, weeks, months? :wink:

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It is probably matter of months. We’ll make an announcement once we know more.
But I still remember how it is associated with using eM Client on desktop.
The underlying technologies are supported (to some degree) on both eM Client for desktop
and the apps (even the default ones) on Android and iPhone. There shouldn’t be any major incompatibility here. What is the idea here?

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Dear RickM,
how can You ask a silly question “why I need desktop version of eM Client”?
I suppose, You are novice computer user. Look at someone experienced, who uses computer for real work. Then You will make sense of it.
On mobile phone You can use a good mail client Samsung E-mail if You have Samsung.
On other smartphones You can try Nine (by 9folders company). I guess it is the best mail client.
Ask someone experienced for setting it. You have no chance…

Vlad . . . Thanks for the reference to Nine. I’ll look for it. (Your supercilious response, though, suggests you didn’t get the joke.) I would rather have something that is seamless between all my devices. For example, while I can use other apps, it’s just one more thing to configure. And I need calendar and tasks, also. I don’t have time to geek out like in the days of my youth when I was configuring Novell on ARCnet and Token Ring (look it up). I also need to get real work done.

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Hi, Michal . . . Thanks. Just trying to avoid more configuration than necessary and have seamless integration with all my devices. And before I spend time getting used to eM Client, looking to see if there there is a path there.

Because eMC raised the bar very high and is now – INMHO – the best desktop integrated email client (+calendar, tasks, chat, etc.).
However, if eMC is planning a mobile version they’ll have to offer not only something really different from the already excellent email apps and calendar apps out there – but also something that works perfectly, right out of the box. It won’t be easy to beat the likes of AquaMail Pro and aCalendar with eMC v1.0. Unless there is some magic involved. :wink:

I would rather see eM Client developers working on fixing the desktop version, than spreading themselves thin in order to take on another project that is already handled competently by other companies.

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Thanks, Son-of-A-Gun . . . I just discovered eMC recently and like it so far, especially for the all-in-one, so maybe I’ll stick with it. (Not very mobile these days, anyway, like everyone else.)

I agree :100:% with you @Gary.

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Hi RickM
please believe that my response was not supercilious. Don’t get mi wrong. I have had the best intention helping you. If You are not familiar with this area You better ask someone around You who knows it. This is the best advice. You will save a lot of time.

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Hi, Vlad . . .

Ok, fair enough. A misunderstanding, then. Thanks for trying to help.

I searched the EM Client website for the mention of the word ‘mobile’, and found this thread.

I was using the EM Client (version 7) for about a year. I am a business owner and what I found appealing was that I was getting a full control over my email correspondence, backups, and my contacts, which could be exported as formats that are compatible with other platforms.

When I bought a new Windows 10 computer, with the MS Email app pre-installed, I gave it a try, and never found time to switch my EM Client license to the new machine.
Now I’m considering to buy a license for EM Client version 8, which looks VERY nice.
The absence of mobile integration is the one and only deciding factor for me. It’s a deal breaker, I’m sorry.

Of course we need a mobile app. It’s a total no-brainer.
I’m amazed that in this day and age anyone would seriously reply to RickM’s inquiry, by questioning why he needs a mobile app in the first place (with or without the condescending remarks).

Third party email clients for mobile platforms do exist, indeed - and I use the paid version of the Nine email client on Android (after painful and long search). Later, I discovered that the mobile version of MS Outlook also works surprisingly well. So now I use both, since the mobile Outlook integrates very well with the MS ToDo app. And BOTH of them can run on desktop as well.
So, there is a seamless integration between my notes/tasks and the flagged emails, whether I’m on desktop or on a mobile device.
It seems that in order to integrate EM Client into this would require extra work on my part, or keeping 2 parallel systems … I got no time for that.

Suggesting that ‘any’ third-party mobile app would ‘do the job’ - implies that the more advanced features of the EM Client, like tagging, notes, etc (which will NOT be carried into a third-party mobile app), are just the ‘little extras’ - also implies that the users who make such suggestions are using EM Client to just receive/send emails.
The power users and/or business users do need the more advanced features handy, on both desktop AND mobile.

I hope the EM Client developers are also reading this.
As one business owner to another, I would consider the mobile integration as the ultimate top priority, and that the very survival of EM Client, as a business - depends on this.
Of course, it has to WORK well. And I know that this is easier said than done.

At any rate, I would like to see the EM Client spread its wings and thrive, as it has a solid foundation.
I for one, would not think twice to step out from the dependency on the MS products. Provided, of course - that I could ACTUALLY use it - as a business tool.

Best Regards,



Hello Zaq,
eM Client mobile application is under development, I just can’t give you any ETA yet.


Hello, Michal. Any news on this front?


Same question. Should would be great to have a mobile version.

Any ETA for the mobile app?
Eagerly waiting for it.

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