MAPI on Windows 11

I’m a software developer and wrote a Windows desktop app several years ago that has been in use for quite some time, evolving through multiple versions of Windows. It has some reports that can be automatically sent via MAPI through the user’s default email client at the click of a button. I use em Client for testing and the users often have Outlook–it has worked for both up through Windows 10.

Starting with Windows 11, the only place this works is my main development machine–none of the user’s Windows 11 machines will pull up their email client via MAPI. I found that my laptop, which also has em Client, also has the same problem while my main desktop machine works fine.

I don’t see this as an em Client problem but a Windows problem; however, I’m hoping that someone knows of a trick to fix MAPI so that email clients can be used with this protocol again. Otherwise, I’ll have to adjust my software to send reports a different way.

@Gary posted in the below thread, you need to use “Simple MAPI” in Windows to send data to the default mail client from your program to get eM Client to open and send email.

If you are already using Simple MAPI and have eM Client also set as the default in Windows 11, then you might need to contact Microsoft technical support as will then be a Windows 11 issue.

“Quote:Extract by Gary”

"Applications that want to send messages using your installed email application can use simple MAPI to send the details to the email application. That will open a new mail compose window in eM Client (or whichever application you use to send email) with the data provided.

“this is usually used by database type applications, like accounting apps, to send email. So it sends the recipient address, the subject, and the body text via simple MAPI. Then you see a compose window from the email application open with all that data inserted and all you need to do is click on Send”.