Windows 11 - making em Client default email client

In Windows 11, if I choose to set eM client as default during final installation stage, I am taken to the Windows Settings page, which would leave most people no knowing what to do next. This was a simple one-step task in Windows 10. In Windows 11, changing all the required settings is quite a painful exercise, particularly if em Client has never been set as default before.

Can you make easier by either automatically changing Windows 11 defaults (if selected), or at least explain how to do it and list the file types/protocols that need to be set to eM Client?

Can you make easier by either automatically changing Windows 11 defaults

Unfortunately the Windows 11 OS doesn’t normally allow developers to automatically change the default mailer directly, and like Win 10 users are only ever taken to Settings to manually do it. That’s just some Microsoft restriction.

Here is information how to setup default mailer.

“How to setup default mailer Windows 11”

First, open the Settings app by pressing Windows + i key on your keyboard. Or you can right-click the Start button in your taskbar and select “Settings.”

When Settings opens, click “Apps” in the sidebar, and then select “Default Apps.”

In Default Apps, click the search bar and type in the name of the email app you’d like to use as your default. When it appears, click its icon in the list below. (Or you can browse the list of apps and find it.)

On the email app’s “Default Apps” settings page, click the button below “MAILTO.” This configures how Windows will open “mailto:” links that are common in web pages

In the “How do you want to open this” window that pops up, select the email app you want to use as default for “mailto:” links, then click “OK.”

Also if you want to configure the same email client to open EML files (which are email files saved as text files to your computer), you can also click the “.EML” link on the Default Apps page and choose the email app from the list.

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Well then the em Client installer should provide some guidance for people on how to do it rather than just opening the W11 settings page.