Ms Office starter 2010 and eM Client

Hello out there,
I have Office 2007, and when I made eM Client my principal email app, everything went fine. If I have to send a document, Office starts eM Client.
But my wife has Office starter 2010 on her computer, and it keeps starting Windows Live Mail every time she tries to send a document. I have changed her standard mail app to eM Client, it doesn´t help.
If anybody has an idea about what to do, you´re welcome!
Thank you for your help

You need to set eM Client to be the default Mailer on the computer with Office starter 2010.

(Set default mailer Windows 10) See the following thread.
eMClient Reports It’s Not Default Email Client - Mail - eM Client

(Set default mailer Windows 11) See the following thread.
Windows 11 - making em Client default email client - eM Client

Thank you Cyberzork, I give it a try! :blush: