macOS: Memory consumption too high


I am using eM Client 9.2.2144.
I have realised that the memory consumption of eM Client is far too high. I have the same mailboxes running on Spark and eM Client.
The screen shot shows that Spark has a lot of open ports and requires almost 4 times as much memory.

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For myself personally i don’t have any problems with the amount of memory eM Client for Mac is using.

eM Client & Spark are completely different programs and they will never be exactly the same as far as Memory usage, Ports and Threads etc.

Currently on my Mac OS Sonoma 14.4.1 & eM Client V9 or V10 with 4 x IMAP accounts (when idle and minimised) is Memory Usage average 405-410 MB Max as per below activity monitor example.

When (its open and checking mail) Memory usage average 425-431 MB Max as per below example.

As you are getting memory usage 939 MB, could be eg: eM Client is not quite 100% finished downloading mail, or still caching mail in folders etc, so then using alot more memory usage till all 100% completed.

You can click the dropdown arrow on the right of “Refresh” and click “Show Operations” to see if anything is still processing when in the foreground.

Suggest to try the latest eM Client for Mac 9.2.2230 via the release history page to see if it makes any difference incase there was any memory issue with the older 9.2.2144 version.

Note: If you do update eM Client, Close eM Client before installing the updated newer version.

(eM Client V9 / 10 Mac Idle Minimised)

(eM Client V9 / 10 Mac Open checking new mail)

I have updated to 9.2.2230.
macOS: 14.4.1

But still a lot of memory usage (an no active operations).

Within 24 hours approx. 200 MB more memory consumption and approx. 7000 more open ports.

No active syncs.

I’m also have this issue. I’m using the latest beta 10.0.2622 and I’m seeing the MacOs memory usage of 800 MB to 1.1 GB. on my Windows PC with same version and accounts, It’s typically 250 MB.

As a follow-up to my post, I note that if I see the high memory usage and I close and restart emClient, the memory usage drops to 500 - 600 MB (still 2X my PC). Could there be a memory leak issue?

Using the latest eM Client Mac V10.0.2622 an Mac Sonoma 14.5 OS, eM Client the max memory usage i get when checking mail etc is 435MB as per todays screenshot with 4 IMAP accounts. Pretty much the same as in V9 on Mac. So V10 seems to be ok for me as far as memory usage.

Very Strange. I’m also running 14.5, but if I let the Mac sit idle for a period of time, the memory usage creeps up to 800+ GB. Restarting lowers it to <500 and the cycle repeats.

I’m not sure if it makes any difference, but I’m running the M3 processor.

I’m not sure if it makes any difference, but I’m running the M3 processor

Ah ok I only have an M1 with 8GB Ram. Yes maybe there is a difference on the M3. Dunno.

Some weeks and mails later: still a high memory consumption:

No running syncs.

Yikes… I was just about to move to eM Client, but this is alarming. I will have to look more carefully at this situation since Spark is already weighing in for me at 600-750mb and I have quite the large email load to manage.