Linux support

I can 101th that! :smiley: Would make the switch away from Windows so much easier

+1 for a Linux version, please!

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I also would love a Linux version of eMClient and I would pay for it!
There is just no other comparable Groupware Client on Linux.
EMClient is the best one I ever used. Please invest that money you will not regret it!

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lunes 07 agosto 2023 :: 1836hrs (UTC +0200)

I agree with your comments about eMC, however, when considered the number of posts here and the development investment that would probably be required, I would not want to be in the position of making a case for this based on ROI.



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I’m trying to use Linux for 2 months now. Actually, I’m on Manjaro. Hopefully I’m able to switch from Windows 11 to Linux. But I’m missing eM Client … Tried Thunderbird, but didn’t like it. Now I will try Mailspring and BlueMail, but I think, I wouldn’t like them too.

So +1 vote from me for eM Client on Linux! :slight_smile:

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Prior to my current WIn 11 system I ran a Linux desktop for about seven years. I finally settled on either Thunderbird or Evolution. When Evolution was available (via distro channels) in a reasonably current version it was OK, but it seemed like a lot of distros bundled really old Evolution versions. The last few years of that seven I ran Xubuntu and I kind of bounced between the two. Thunderbird has gotten a bit better but it’s still pretty big and not exactly quick.

Trouble is, most of the more lightweight *nix email clients are too lightweight for my preferences (i.e., plain text only, etc.). If I wanted to go really lightweight, I’d use mutt and vi.


I’m here almost 7 years later. This is the only email client that does what I need (in a package that isn’t hard on the eyes) other than outlook. I primarily run linux for my daily drive and only run windows when I need to, and from my experiences with outlook it usually ends up breaking, which it has on a FRESH install of windows 11. So that only leaves EM client.

Have used EM Client for work and loved it. In my case I definitely need a email client with search folder capabilities as I organize all my emails into categorical sub-folders. Very disappointed there isn’t a linux version when there are less impressive FREE options out there supported on all platforms.


I dropped Windows completely, I run Linux. I’d like to see a Linux version after the successful launch of the android version I use. Maybe 2024 brings an answer :smile:

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iOS version is still in beta and there are still some bugs. But I still want to see a Linux version. :wink:

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Bump. Paying Linux business customer here. I use Ubuntu for my manufacturing business. eM client is the best on my windows machines. Would love to use it on my Ubuntu machines as well.

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Your mail client absolutely kills the competition! If you had a .deb version of eM Client, I wouldn’t hesitate to add more licenses to my subscription!

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I’m an IT adminstrator of a small org, currently we are evaluating switching to eMclient, from Google workspace solution, and moving more towards self-hosting due to changing needs of org. Long term strategy of an org is to move to red hat and most likley fedora with Active Directory integrations. Currently we are using Softmaker Professional Volume license, and moving to linux makes sense. eMClient complements well our workflow with Softmaker Office, and potential Rocket. Hence it would be wise for eMclient to start looking into developing flatpack or Fedora/Red Hat compatible linux version.

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We all love the eM Client, please Management, let some People work on the Linux eM Client

The installation works with wine, but the window z management and some security functions throws errors.

May you find a save and easy way to serve your fantastic piece of software to all the paying Linux users :smiley:

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please Management, let some People work on the Linux eM Client

As @Michal_Burger advised It’s not currently viable to do from a business perspective being the small global user base. However there will be a Chrome book app version.

See @Michal_Burger comments below on this eM Client for Linux topic in the following thread posts.

How you know the user base if they cannot use eMClient on Linux?

Would be interesting how to track the non users :smiley:

When I was dabbling in Linux I could get eMC running in Crossover, When it was running it ran well but there are obviously some libraries or other elements missing from the setup because it would randomly crash which was a pity. I did suggest to Codweavers that they liase with eMC to see if the deficiencies could be ironed out but I don’t know if anything was done.

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