Linux support

I would love a Linux version of this. It is the best mail application I have ever used.


Seconded!  Very much needed.

I will pay for a linux port.

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I would very much like a Linux version too. With the latest developments on .Net Core which is available for Linux, there might be a chance that a native Linux version will not be that much of a hurdle to release?

same over here!

Hi, I do have a lifetime license, but since I’ve moved to linux, I am not using emclient, which is the best email client I’ve seen for years. I would really appreciate a native linux app, or at least a script to use it with playonlinux or Wine… any ideas how to work again with emclient and linux ? 

Ditto, just found a distro that I really like (Solus), and wish I could use EmClient with it.

So many favourable comments but hardly any votes. ;-(

I’m encouraged that there’s renewed interest here.  I really think that emclient can be very big in the Linux world – barely any competition.

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Right behind you Jeffrey. I have said it before on this forum, and will say it again; I will go back to Linux tomorrow if eM Client was ported. :slight_smile:

I’m guessing they don’t think there will be a sufficient number of users to justify it.  I really believe it will be quite popular.  There’s always a lack of usable and operable email clients in Linux. I’ve been Linux-only for many years; MS$ is just too unpredictable in the ways they’ll discover to mess up Windows.  I’ve long wondered why they just didn’t stay with Windows 7 — the last usable version of Windows, IMO – and just keep it updated.  It’s all about money, I fear.

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If there was a linux version, we would buy it. For windows there are enough  clients, not for linux. Also, now that chromebook will support linux apps, it’s also a possibility to run emclient on chromebook, which will open another new market for emclient.

btw, because of the lack of linux version, I am now using Hiri mail client

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Hi Bart. I was thinking the same thing when I read Google’s announcement recently.

Linux support would be awesome!

It actually runs quite well on CrossOver as long as you don’t need to minimize; then it regularly hangs. Another option is installing it on traditional Wine, which is a nightmare on amd64 because of the .NET dependency that eM Client has. I went through every recent release from MS and could not find one that would run properly on 64 bit architecture. So I tried it on an i386 installation and it worked quite well.

But an actual Linux application would be excellent, though that is unlikely to happen. ;-(

I know that, but in our corporate environment I don’t want Crossover or Wine solutions. Neither I want any issues users don’t understand :smiley:

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I would once again refer to .Net Core which is now version 2.1 and supports a lot of functions and mainly is cross-platform by design.
I would hope that EMClient could be refactored using only .Net Core assemblies and with that it would run on Linux and could be maintained in one build.

Linux pleaseeeeeee

I did buy a license when i still used windows but i stopped using M$ years ago now. Would really love to be able to actually use what i paid for… get this working on linux please (linux IS the future), cheers.