Linux support

I would think that since they now have a mac version, a Linux port would not be too difficult.

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Linux support would be awesome

I know for a fact that there are many people using Linux that would jump emClient if implemented properly since there is not much out there that has as many features as emClient.
The best thing is that PGP and encryption “just works” without the need for any additional software.

Please make it happen.

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I am not such a fan of the PGP implementation in eM Client. There is no way to verify or set the trust level of certificates, so eM Client just assumes they are all trusted and all valid.  I could send you a bogus certificate and eM Client will just accept it. Defeats the purpose don’t you think?

Now on Linux, using the built-in PGP support and using an email client like Evolution, PGP is on a whole higher level.

You are right, it should be improved. But for now it allows to sign outgoing e-mails which is what most of my clients need. Encrypted messages or information is beeing send otherwise. PGP is not safe enough for this anyways.

@emClient Team - When can we expect a proper PGP upgrade?

em client in the Linux world would also bring me back to linux.

As others have already mentioned here, there is no usable Outlook alternative in the Linux world. eM Client would be the first!

There are Evolution and Thunderbird, but they have their drawbacks.  em Client for Linux?  Yes!!!

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Please make it happen!

Now emClient is available for Mac, shouldn’'t it be a (relatively) easy process to create a Linux version? I’d buy it in a heartbeat if it ran natively on Linux. Please do it!

it’s for sure that they just don’t care about the customers


message to dev team, as you are the best people to have information, could you tell us if  :

  • you have already talked about a native App for linux ? 
  • if there is any plan to do it ? 
  • and if there’s one, an Estimated date ? 


Are you switching to macOS but already have a license?

no, but i did switch all my machines over to linux years ago and i do still have a license ?

Amen, amen, amen.  Linux, please!!!

I agree, it would be fantastic to see a Linux version. 

I have a Windows computer with a paid Office 365 home subscription, and I still choose to use the free Em Client version instead.  I also have a Linux desktop (Ubuntu Studio for those who wonder), and if there was an Em Client Linux version I’d then easily be able to justify paying for a license.  The Linux software scene does not have very many truly polished, fully-featured GUI mail clients.  I’ve tried many of the most popular, and they all seem to lack specific features that turn me away from them.  The introduction of Em Client into the Linux ecosystem would be, in my opinion, a breath of fresh air.

If you haven’t already (Em Team), please take a bit of time to do some research, and even simple Google searches will show that the question of “what is the best Linux email client” is still one of the most asked questions in the Linux forums today - and the reason for this is because there really isn’t a “best” one… yet.

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Linux !!! Please

I would buy the Linux version in a flash. It would be the most business friendly email suite on Linux IMHO. How difficult would it be to create an appimage? Perhaps someone with programming skills could answer or provide insight. We could do a gofundme to have the development cost covered.

It would be fantastic to have eM Client on LInux. It looks really pretty.

But I use Evolution most of the time, and unfortunately eM Client does not come close with functionality. 

Evolution is unstable, IMO.  I’ve tried it on my Linux box and it just seems to fall short in so many ways.  And I remember when the contacts module stopped working when Google changed its authentication method.  It took forever to get it working again.  I’m using Thunderbird right now.  But honestly, eM Client for Linux would be fantastic and, I think, well received.

I am using Evolution 3.32.1-2, which is a stable release, and there are no problems. I recently setup my Google Calendars and Contacts and it worked just fine. Entered my email address and a click for the 0Auth, and it was done. Never could get Google Calendar to sync reliably on eM Client, but it works just fine with Evolution. 

For work I mostly use Linux, so Evolution. Otherwise, on Windows, I use eM Client. Don’t know what I would do if Evolution and eM Client were available on the same platform. :wink:

You have to go back a ways to remember the problem with Evolution.  It’s designed to run on the Gnome desktop, which used to be stable and memory-friendly.  It’s a bloated mess right now.  Your comment about Google Calendar, I hope, will be addressed by the eM Client team.