Linux support


Well that excludes about 25 million potential Ubuntu users. That is a tough attitude @NORVIN :smiley:


In a live Q&A to celebrate the recent Ubuntu 22.04 release, Ubuntu’s founder was asked if the desktop edition of the OS would ever consider shipping with Flatpak support “out of the box”.

And his answer was pretty succinct one: no.

He has his reasons, of course.

“I can say right now Flatpak’s wouldn’t work for us. I don’t think they have the security story and I also don’t think they have the ability to deliver the same integrity of execution over time that Snaps have ‘cos we built those things into Snaps,” he says.

Make both Flatpak and Snap :slight_smile:

Like I said, “I would be happy with a 64-bit .DEB for eM Client”, but I would be happy with either a Flatpak or Snap, too.

This thread has 2,400+ views at the moment so say 500 would need a single computer lifetime license if there was a Linux option for eM Client…

$119.95 X 500 = $59,975 potential earnings

I know I would need a lifetime license for 4-5 computers :slight_smile:

For those of us needing an alternative until eM Client for Linux becomes a reality…

I had erroneously listed Mailspring in a reply above as YUCK. It is not. Both Mailspring and BlueMail have SNAP installs for Linux along with Windows and Mac versions. BlueMail is also available for Android. I like Mailspring more than BlueMail, but I would love eM Client a whole lot more for Linux.

Come on eM Client. Get a Linux version out soon before it is too late.

Yes, yes, yes!
Please consider developing a 'nix version of eM Client!
I’m already an eM Client partner and have been recommending and installing it for my Windows and Mac clients, but would love for there to be a Linux version too.

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Hi, I’m Adam.

I am also seeking a Linux version of eM Client. I’ve been using SoftMaker Office for many years now and I believe eM Client is the perfect add-on for this amazing cross platform office suite.

I am a SysAdmin for a SMB with 30+ years experience. My office environment is Win10 clients, MS Server 2016, CentOS 7 Server, and CentOS Stream 8. I would prefer a rpm based release (Fedora/Red Hat/CentOS) for our commercial environment.

Most of the commercial packages I use on Linux are distributed as rpm/deb and sometimes bin or sh.

I personally use Fedora(rpm) and Ubuntu(deb) when testing packages. There are around 200 linux distros, but most are based on Fedora or Debian packaging systems.

It’s not your weird cousin’s Linux anymore!

Thanks in advance,

  • UnklAdM

As a side note, the Vivaldi browser has an integrated mail client in beta now for linux. This is a good option in some cases, but for cross platform compatibility I would prefer an email client that’s not attached to a particular web browser.

On my desktop at work I am currently using alpine in text mode 132x43 with 4 imap accounts, 2 gmail and 2 corporate. It is very fast and functional, although a bit archaic.

On my personal laptop I dual boot Win10/Fedora and use a shared partition for data sets like BitcoinQT. As long as the BerkleyDB versions are the same, the data is binary compatible across platforms. This would be desirable in an email client, too.

I haven’t tested the Vivaldi client with a shared partition yet, but when I do I’ll report the results here.

Well, there’s my 22 cents, i guess inflation got the best of me.

  • UnklAdM / DbmAdam

Hi eM Client team, I was using eM client many years on my windows computer and liked it very much. Also promoted it to some friends. Now a few months ago, I changed my OS to Linux and missing eM Client a lot. Isn’t there any chance that you develop a linux version (Ubuntu)? No problem for paying the rate.

Another ex-Windows, now Linux (Ubuntu) user here. I would appreciate being able to continue using my lifetime license.

Long time eM Client user on Windows here, also long time Linux user. For those looking for an alternative on Linux, take a look at the Evolution email client. Not the same as eM Client, but the nicest I’ve found on Linux. It has integrated calendar and contacts, and can sync email, calendar and contacts with corresponding Google services. I used Thunderbird for many years, but about 2014, TB was corrupting calendars, and in a work environment, that was exceedingly unpopular :(. That’s what prompted my switch to eM Client. I’ve never revisited Thunderbird after that bad experience, but prior to that it did what I needed.

+1 for Linux native Client

I need a Linux version too! :slightly_smiling_face:

linux pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Now with a MacOS release, could this become more possible I wonder?
My primary system is Ubuntu, Secondary is Mac, and I have Windows for the occasions I need it.

…Happy to pay for Linux licence, just need please :pray:

Yes, please. There is no native client as good as eM Client (in either Linux or Win, I’d say).

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emClient has been a wonderful move from Outlook for exchange access, just need the linux version!

I would love for an Linux version of eM Client.
It’s the best e-mail client I have ever used.