LanguageTool grammar checker support

I would love to be able to us the LanguageTool grammar checker within eM Client.   There are other plugins developed for other environments that you might be able to reference.



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Hello, I need this, too.

In the Autocorrection the First Letter Capital is missing.

Thank you

I would love this too

After buying 2x Pro licences with lifetime updates, I started to write my first mail, I noticed that when using eM Client I have to do without Thunderbird add-ons such as LanguageTool or AutoCopy.

I’m pretty disappointed and to be honest, I don’t know yet whether I’ll manage to work just as productively without add-ons, or will I be forced to switch back to Thunderbird in the end.

I’m certainly not the only person with this problem. Is there perhaps a solution to this?

eM Client doesn’t support addons, but language tools like Grammarly which are provided as a service through the WIndows 11 OS can be used in all applications, eM Client included.