LanguageTool grammar checker support

I would love to be able to us the LanguageTool grammar checker within eM Client.   There are other plugins developed for other environments that you might be able to reference.




Hello, I need this, too.

In the Autocorrection the First Letter Capital is missing.

Thank you

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I would love this too

After buying 2x Pro licences with lifetime updates, I started to write my first mail, I noticed that when using eM Client I have to do without Thunderbird add-ons such as LanguageTool or AutoCopy.

I’m pretty disappointed and to be honest, I don’t know yet whether I’ll manage to work just as productively without add-ons, or will I be forced to switch back to Thunderbird in the end.

I’m certainly not the only person with this problem. Is there perhaps a solution to this?

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eM Client doesn’t support addons, but language tools like Grammarly which are provided as a service through the WIndows 11 OS can be used in all applications, eM Client included.

Hello everyone,

I just rediscovered the “eM Client” today and I have to say I like it a lot.
Only the first thought is always the same.
What about my add-ons that I love so much from Thunderbird?

That’s why I’m picking up the topic again, because of the ingenious add-on “Language Tool”.

Once you’ve used this add-on, you can’t live without it.
This is no comparison to a “normal” spell checker.

I was with the professional e-mail program “TheBat!” for well over 10 years. by Ritlabs.
Yes, the main reason was really the “Language Tool” addon to switch.
And so I’m “still” with the e-mail program “Thunderbird”.
The only thing I haven’t found yet is the perfect e-mail program for me.
That’s why I thought I’d install the “eM Client”.

And when “Gary” writes here that it simply doesn’t support addons
and just ticked off the topic like that, I don’t think it’s a good thing at all.

The power of competition is so great.
The big names like Outlook, TheBat!, Thunderbird etc.
only become much more powerful, with this attitude you just don’t go along with it.
As a “small” e-mail client, you should really be very open to users.
So the “eM Client” will never make the big breakthrough.
Everything is really possible today.
You just have to be open to such things
like the “Language Tool” etc. and don’t just take it for granted.

The “eM Client” could also stand up to the big competition.
Only with this attitude it will never work.
Namely, if you take the wishes of the users seriously
and openly communicated about it, a lot is possible.
Because I’ve known a lot of e-mail programs for over 20 years
and I see a lot of potential in the “eM Client”.
Please fulfill the wishes of your customers and you will quickly notice
what happens then with the “eM Client”.
Your circle of users would become so extremely large, which you cannot even imagine now.
That’s why I think it’s so important to discuss it here.
That’s what the forum is for.
Even if other e-mail programs are mentioned here,
which is not always so great for the developer.
It’s not advertising, it’s about user ideas.
It always depends on what you make of it.
Even if you don’t like the opinions of users and criticism,
the question is how to deal with it.
You can also grow enormously as a developer through such things
and then keep up with the big competition.
As soon as other users notice that there is an e-mail program,
where the user’s wishes are taken seriously.
So much would be possible.

Because I’m considering exactly the same thing as these users here in the thread.


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The problem with add-ons is they effect client speed, stability, and security. As a customer myself, I am not interested in add-ons, but rather any missing features that would normally be offered in a add-on be integrated directly into the client through a well tested and vetted process.

I just wanted to throw that out since you are assuming all eM Client customers find something like add-on support a top priority addition and requirement. I personally minimize the use of add-ons in every application I use because I know the consequences of doing so. Of course having the functionality would be nice, but it is something I personally try to avoid using for the reasons above.

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That’s true.
But it depends on who the add-ons come from.
By the developer or users.
I’m just saying that anything is possible.

Unfortunately, I don’t know of any other tool like the “Language Tool”, which is as convenient.
With the Windows version, the whole thing is in a separate window.
From the program itself.

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I agree, but what happens when the developer or user stops supporting that add-on that was distributed to many users? That can open the client to security issues. What happens when that add-on that is no longer supported breaks in a future version of eM Client? The users will complain and expect eM Client to roll back those changes since it breaks their specific add-on. This is something Firefox experienced when they overhauled their add-on api and most of the old add-ons stopped working and made a lot of users upset.

Don’t get me wrong, I think having add-on functionality would be nice, but I can see why eM Client might not want to do this because of the consequences of doing so. Instead they have decided to take the stance where you would use a 3rd party application for that functionality like Gary said “language tools like Grammarly which are provided as a service through the WIndows 11 OS can be used in all applications, eM Client included.”.

So if add-on support is not planned, rather then criticize that decision I would put in a feature request post on how to improve the current language functionality built into eM Client. If enough users agree with needing that feature, I am sure eM Client would strongly consider it.

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That always depends on how many people work on the program.
Here, it would be better if the add-ons only came from the developer,
or in collaboration with another developer.
Otherwise, it becomes confusing and then what you think happens.
I’ve been setting up the “eM Client” for hours now.
I only have to because of the “Language Tool”.
Always switch from the e-mail program to the “Language Tool” window.
I would then activate the spelling correction in the e-mail program.
If you were so comfortable having everything in the same window, you have to get used to it.
I give the “eM Client” a change.

And not everyone has Windows 11 installed.
I don’t need that at the moment.

Have to agree LT would be a great addition to em client.

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When you work with multiple languages, it’s annoying to switch language every time.

LanguageTool does that automatically successfully. I would love to see LanguageTool fully integrated. Yes, we have the OS plugin, but when you’re writing plenty of mails, the integrated solution is much better.

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sábado 20 mayo 2023 :: 1354hrs (UTC +0100)

I do not normally use these types of tools, however, having followed this thread I was curious so installed the OS plugin on Windows 11 Pro; for me it did not offer a benefit in Spanish, Portuguese & English so has been removed.
I do not doubt that it will suit many.


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Hello, is there a chance to integrate LanguageTool into EM Client? Even Thunderbird can do this without problems and from that I originally switched to EM Client.
That would be awesome


I am a paying customer on macOS, and it’s a PITA to always copy the text from the email compose window to LanguageTool app window, make corrections and copy back… Thunderbird SuperNova looks promising and the feature and design gap to emClient will decrease.

The only option I’ve found now is to install the LT app and then copy the text with Control+ Q. Suboptimal. The check built into emClient is nowhere near as good as LT.

I hope that in future emClient releases there will be a possibility to integrate LT


Could not agree more we need support for LT