English is second language for most people - Automatic language switch for spell check

I and many others posted that simple request many year ago in different threads, but we are told that this feature is not needed and not planned to be implemented. How is it then possible that users keep coming with the very same request then?
Others wish an even broader language support of emClient (LanguageTool grammar checker support - #16 by Tronks) yet all those requests are ignored.

I have a Pro licence and would have updated to a newer one, but will not pay a single extra cent when this important feature is missing.

Please someone from the company reply and let us know an update on that status, so we can make our decision if we want/ need to move on to another solution or you want to keep your customers and get more in the future. If you plan to implement this feature let us know as well when we can expect that.

Thanks for your attention and consideration.


Exactly that is the problem I have as well. It is trivial to detect at least the main language in an e-mail message. No reason not to implement this huge time-saver – and it is not the time only. A program should just support the common tasks. That is why you use software in the end!

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