English is second language for most people - Automatic language switch for spell check

I’ve been using paid version of eM Client for about 3 months after leaving MS Outlook due to indexing problems. I find em CLient very similar to Outlook, in functionality and speed, however spell check is a real pain if you use your own tounge and English simultaneously or interchangeably. Please make our life easier…


I’m not sure to understand your problem. I work regularly with different languages in eM Client and I find it a breeze switching from a language to another for spell-checking purposes.
As you see in the image below (a right click in an email body), Automatic spell-Check is checked, French in this example is chosen by default, but I can switch to any other language of my choice. It’s a two-click process.

I think @maslana is talking about the ability to use two languages in the same message and be able to spell check them both. I’ve tried that as I mix English and Spanish, but the spell check is one or the other.

In MS Word for example, you can mark different areas of the text as belonging to a selected language. Then spell check works across multiple languages. It would be nice if EMC could do something like that.

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@Son-of-A-Gun I write 30 mails per day, 50% of the are English. At this scale 15x “two-click” process is a waste of time, whereas Outlook knows which language I write in.

@Victor.David Yes David, this is what I would expect ultimately. This would be superior mechanism versus Outlook.

jueves 08 septiembre 2022 :: 1448hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hey @maslana

I use the @Son-of-A-Gun method if I need to, however, what I tend to do is NOT to spell check Spanish as my mother tongue and use spell check with Portuguese and then sometimes English, in other words I use spell check with the language that I am least confident with.
And finally as @Victor.David says the MS Word capability added to eMC would be a great addition.

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Hablo español, luego portugués e inglés, con conocimiento de varios otros idiomas.

I would like to support this! I send around 50 E-Mails per day, half in German, half in English. The “two-click-solution” is a pain…