Lack of spell check on send blocking sale

This is the one feature that is preventing me recommending eM Client to my clients who are looking for an Outlook alternative.

I’ve read on other posts this is a “design decision” but in this case it’s blocking a sale of several licenses for eM Client.

One justification I’ve seen on another post about this is that we can “blame Android and iOS for this” trend to spell check on the fly - but that’s ignoring the fact those devices don’t just underline in red on the fly - they auto-correct on the fly - eM Client doesn’t do that so it’s not a valid comparison.

It would surely be trivial to force trigger the spell check pop-up on send as a user configuration option, I’m at a loss to understand why the developers, whether they personally like the feature or not, wouldn’t implement this striaght forward and common option to maximise user base and sales.


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EM Client showing the red wavy line when you have automatic spell checking enabled does work properly in my view when composing etc.

When eM Client detects a spelling error, you right click on the red wavy line that appears when it detects a possible spelling mistake, which then gives you a selection of correctly spelt words which you can then “left click” on to automatically replace that word. No difference to any other auto spell check program I’ve used.

You don’t normally want programs automatically replacing incorrect words as that can be “not always the right word” and always need (in my view) an auto selection list of correctly spelt words to appear first when using auto spell checking so users can choose the right one from a list.

eM Client support page extract on auto spell check.

“When you compose an email, you should start to see red lines under the words you’ve spelled incorrectly. If you right click over the word, a window will appear with the correct spelling of the word. Left click on the correctly spelled word and your word will be replaced with the correct one”

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Thanks for taking the time to reply.

I’m well aware of how the spell checker works.

I am not advocating autocorrect, was just heading off a previous argument against what I was asking for where someone had compared eM Client’s approach to that of iOS or Android - which it is not.

Whether an individual wants to use it or not, an option to trigger the F7 full spell check on send to avoid bad user behaviour causing spelling errors leaving their desk is a no-brainer in my opinion. Without it it’ll be a harder sell to business users.

I can’t see why when it’s so simple anyone would argue against it … as an option so no one will be forced to use it.


Got to admit I am with you on this. When you are typing in full flow you do not necessarily see or even look for the red lines. Particularly as that interrupts your thought flow process.

The system knows there are errors (they are already underlined) so what is the difficulty in having an option on send that steps through the flagged items?
It makes sense to me, but probably explains why there is now a proliferation of incorrect spelling around the world.

This option is in 9.2.2038 available in the Release History.

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Great news - nice to see the developers do, occasionally, listen to user feedback … as well as mostly telling us we’re wrong! :wink:

Thanks for flagging it here Gary

Great! That works! Thanks!