Spell Check on Send

This can’t be a ton of rewriting of code, honestly.   It’s there with the F7 command as a forced manual check.   

Any chance you could run our requests up past whoever it is you have contact ?

They do give a higher priority to requests from Pro users, but one request from me won’t do it. :wink:

I’m a Pro user too, but looks like they are not interested in getting the basics right - after 8 freakin’ years . . . .

How hard is it to run spell-check on send?

It is not possible to run spell check on send.

I meant how hard can it be to implement it.

I guess they decided on a different, more modern approach to spell checking; automatic as-you-type. Otherwise, with the interest shown it probably would have been implemented as the functionality is already there. You can manually start the dialogue by pressing F7.

What a BS answer - which is what they gave before.  How is doing something manually ‘more modern’??

If you can manually start it by pressing F7, then there is a specific code to run it, therefor, this could be called automatically of you select the ‘option’ to run an auto spellcheck (like just about every other email client on the face of the planet does).
simple but effective features that impact the UX really let this program down

No, more modern means that it is automatic - checking spelling as you type. 

I was using email before spell checking was available, so really both methods are relatively modern. :wink:

They do not need to be mutually exclusive features.    They could EASILY offer both options, but clearly choose not to do so, even though there are customers that would prefer to trigger the F7 spell check automatically when sending. 

Not offering something that is available in many other products doesn’t make it more modern.  It makes it less capable.

Some people are OK using only the spell check as you type option, but I am one that doesn’t.  It takes me longer to read a long email again to find and click on each word  with the blue underline, and  then choose the replacement, than it does to rapidly go through each one in sequence when I finish.   So I’m one of the customers that hits F7 before sending (when I remember). 

It would just be nice for that to happen automatically right before sending.  Those that don’t care about that functionality wouldn’t have to use it.  So it wouldn’t affect them at all.   And it would give those of us that would appreciate it, a long requested feature.  

The default is a red underline, maybe that will be more obvious.

But I think you have it Sam: they choose not to do that, and they don’t offer what is available in many other products. In my view this is what makes eM Client so desirable. They seem to have a concept that they are going to stick with without making this application a clone of every other one out there.

My advise for what it is worth, is that there are so many choices for messaging. Best is to find one that works for you. If you honestly think eM Client is a less capable application, don’t use it.

Time to get over it and get on with life.

Auto spell checking while you type and spell check before you send have been around for years and years, so not having both is not modern, it is a missing (basic) feature.
I remember writing on a pad and pen, so I suppose computers are ‘modern’ using your logic

First there was no spell check, then there was pop-up on send, then there was automatic checking as you type (though I recently noticed that Trojita does not have a spell check at all). They are not concurrently developed technologies, but are an evolution. With more and more things being done in a web interface and on a phone, this whole idea of pop-up on send has been eclipsed. So it appears that this practice has been adopted by eM Client as well in it’s streamlined interface. It is just the direction that things are moving. But using your logic, I guess you need a punch card interface as well? That was an absolute essential basic feature, wasn’t it? I know, it takes some adjustment to change to a keyboard but there will always be some resistance. :wink:

If you want to do it the other way, feel free to do so. I can suggest a number of applications that offer that “missing” feature, though I am struggling to find it in any web interface so that rules out many options for you.


You see, you do know something about modern practices. Kudos on the hashtag. Takes a big man to admit when he missed the point. Glad I could help.

Gary  seems to have all the answers.   And  he’s modern enough to be Snarky on top of it!!
He needs to get over himself and get on with life.  

After 10 years it looks like this is not part of plan for application. Everybody needs to get on with life.

“pop-up on send” is a safety net.  It is not a technology which has been eclipsed.  It should be an option which can be turned on or off by the user.

When in the middle of putting my thoughts down in an email, I do not want to stop and fix my misspelled words.  At that moment, I want to put down my thoughts as best I can.  I will spell check at a later time.  There are times when we forgot and hit send.  That is when the pop-up spell check reminds us that we have a problem.

I use Grammarly.  As I type this post, it autocorrects things for me.  I do not stop and make the corrections at that time.  I do it in the end.

This leads to a new question.  Is Grammarly available in eM Client?

I second the request for Grammarly. It is integrated into Outlook - and all of the web browsers.

Please integrate Grammarly.

See: Lack of spell check on send blocking sale - #5 by Gary