Spell Check on Send

It would like to have the option of running spell check automatically when you send an email.

there’s automatic spell check option (menu in mail window: Tools->Use Automatic Spell Check) that will check (of selected language) your text during writing. And you can work with spell-checker by right-clicking on red-underlined word. Is that satisfactory enough for you?


Well that works but I’d like to automaticly check it.

Diane’s request was for “Spell Check on Send”. You can correct spelling manually before Send using Tools/Check Spelling, but it would be good if the dialogue box appeared automatically on Send, when Automatic Spell Check is turned on.

OK, i will add this to our official feature request list and we will consider it to some future version. It looks like a very good idea. Thanks for your suggestion.

Do you have a time frame for this yet? This is a very important feature for me as well.

One thing to take into account is that when replying to a message it should only check your message and not the replies quoted below your message. The manual spell check should also work this way.

We don’t have any exact time frame for this feature, we are still considering it.

I agree.

I do not like to inline my spelling. I write everything, then hit send. The email program I use then spellchecks and hits me one by one with each bad word.

Saves time, and in my opinion streamlines it.

I’m so used to that, I’m having issues where I send mail, expect the spellcheck, but it doesn’t happen, and the mail just sends without a runthrough.

Yes, the words are underlined, but that’s simply not the way I’m used to spell checking.

I too would like to have the spell check invoked automatically when you hit send. Like the way Outlook does. I don’t always notice the underlined words, and I don’t always remember to hit F7 to force the spell checker to fire. Please consider adding this feature.

I can echo the requests of those earlier. It is very easy to forget to scan for all the red underlines. Having a pop up box, equivalent to that which appears when you press F7 but only appearing if there are in deed spelling errors, at the time that SEND is requesdted would be perfect. This is exactly as quite a few other well known email clients behave, and is a great ease-of-use feature.

+1 for this feature.

One better than this is to autocorrect. Then most spelling errors are fixed real time. Outlook does this and even most phones now do this.

This has obviously not been high on a list of priorities but like everyone else here there are many in our organization that would benefit from this feature.

I agree, I would like to have spell check work like Outlook does. It automatically starts when you hit send and goes through each word in error. Much cleaner than what em client offers.

Yes, I like EM Client but the lack of this very feature may well be the reason I won’t keep using it.
I am so used to having it on most other clients I have used. Sure, you can check as you type but the check before sending feature is a much better feature.

Is this basic functionality ever going to get built?

Hello Dean,
this feature is not planned for implementation for the nearest updates.
That however does not mean that it never will be, as our developers consider features depending not only on what we believe is the best course for our software, but also what users ask for the most.
If this is a crucial feature for you, then please add your vote to this Idea thread.


I would also like this feature. I used it in outlook and it saved my bacon a few times!

I agree this is a simple addition that does need incorporating

+1  No reason not to have this…