spell check windows before send

In emclient you can correct spelling manually before Send using Tools/Check Spelling, but it would be good if the dialogue box appeared automatically on Send, when Automatic Spell Check is turned on. is this functionality available today ?

Well, automatic spell check checks spelling as you type, so there is no reason to run it manually before send. If you want to do that, the shortcut is F7.

Yes, but like in outlook, if you press “send”  without make any spell check, outlook invoke the spell check window automatically without pressing F7. I am trying this in emclient but i don’t find this feature .

No that option is not there. You have the automatic spell check, which will check while you type, so there is no need to run it manually before you send.

Thanks!. i hope they implement it soon.

Personally I don’t see that happening. I think the trend with modern applications is to move away from that system and only have spell check as you type. Maybe we can blame Android and iOS for that. :slight_smile:

Guess I was wrong. See: Lack of spell check on send blocking sale - #5 by Gary