It's 2020 - Is eM Client for Android in the Works?

I’m looking for an email client that syncs between
Android and Windows without the need to use a third party for any synchronization.

I’m considering purchasing the Pro version, but if there’s no Android app on the horizon I will end up waiting for Spark Mail to finish their Windows version. They’re actively developing a Windows version and they already have an Android, iPhone, and Mac OS version.

I would much rather use eM Client as I like the desktop interface a lot and Spark Mail has mail go through their servers first which I don’t really want. But ultimately my decision will be based on who can provide me with my email across the platforms I use. If that ends up being Spark Mail, so be it.

Just know that I’m really hopeful the answer here is that eM Client is working on an Android app. That would make my day.

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From what i’ve read on this forum, EMClient (is not planning) on developing a mobile app. 

So yes you will need to use another mobile app such as Sparkmail as you said or similiar. 

See FAQ - “No mobile app” ?[settings][filter_by]=all&topic-reply-list[settings][reply_id]=19834494#reply_19834494

That is very disappointing, but I appreciate the reply. I had not come across that particular thread when I did a search. The threads I saw were 4-8 years old. Even still, that one is 2 years old so it’s possible something could have change. But if they aren’t planning on it then they aren’t planning on it. That stinks, but at least I have my answer. Thanks!

That link is no longer available.

Why won’t eM Client develop an app for Android?

There is a later thread on this which does show some hope for a possible mobile app.

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