No mobile app?

There’s a purchase price for business use but no mobile app? How does that work?

Lol, so many mobile requests. Any serious users require things across all devices. Great Windows client but total lack of support on mobile that’s been requested clearly for years is questionable. You’re missing out on significant sales (more than enough to the 3rd party moving to android). 

Hello Chris,

Unfortunately, we don’t plan to release a mobile version of eM Client. 

As desktop email client, we are using different protocols (IMAP, Exchange, POP3) to connect your device to the data stored on server. All changes that you make to your email account are immediately reflected on the server. It means that after you install random email client on your phone and add the same email account, you will see all changes live-time on your phone.

I hope this answered your question.


Yea i will not purchase as no mobile app. Thanks

Just to clarify, by what you say here there is no need for a mobile app?  If I understnd this correctly, ANY email client installed on a mobile device that uses the same original email domain config settings will reflect the same information on desktop and mobile therefore …it is in sync.  Is that right?
If so then does the same apply for all folder information?  So for example if I create a new folder and apply rules to divert specific emails to it (on desktop) then will it also reflect the same on the mobile version?  I’m guessing no?
I reckon a mobile version would sway me more.  At this point Im still looking for something to replace Zoho mail, which is great except that I’m a little over having to reset my configurations everytime zoho does an update -  which seems to be be whats happened a few times in a year now.

Yes depending on what mail protocol you are using. Services such as Microsoft exchange and IMAP and hotmail etc sync content across accounts. All my mail servers are IMAP and they sync perfectly and instantly. Syncs all messages, syncs deletes and mail read/unread flags and all folders across all devices. For mobile using android I use a client called K9 mail and is perfect little mail client, while using the free version of emClient on PC.

Done use POP POP sucks ducks

You are right Dean, except for your trashing of POP3. It is an excellent protocol and has many uses. But for complete and real-time syncing between multiple devices, IMAP is the solution and when using a provider like Hotmail, you can use either IMAP or Exchange. Exchange has the same syncing capabilities, but has more features.

There are many scores of Android email clients, among which Outlook is probably the best.