If you have Gmail issues after moving to version 8.x

Hello people,

Frankly, eM Client support is not up to the task. We are in fact on our own.
First the story about Avast impeding eM Client doesn’t exist anymore.
Gmail is a frequent problem because it is the most widely used email server, and it is a complex beast to deal with as it is a major piracy target.
So Gmail has a lot of protective features which makes debugging harder.

The pseudo-solution from support to remove the Gmail account and reinstate it through the automatic interface, is bunk for different reasons.
A major one is the fact that you lose not only your emails on Gmail, which will be reinstated if the communication problem is fixed, but you lose your local files too (eg. the ones you’ve removed from Gmail).

Therefore to do this is akin to the classical customer support answer to wipe clean the hard drive and reinstall Windows.
This is unacceptable in our days of complex software and databases.
To sort of mitigate this rough approach, eM Client support recommends to back-up the database.
But you all know how slow and inefficient this process is.

What I’ve done instead is the following:
On my 3 accounts, I had one which used a simple email server.
I used it to transfer an email from this account toward my Gmail account.
This checks several things at once.

If you are able to send, it means Avast is OK in one direction at least.
It means also eM Client is OK with Avast in that direction.
If you are able to receive this email then all is solved, because it means it works in both directions.

Effectively, this reinstated the exchange with my Gmail account.
I got my transferred email as well as the ones which got stuck in both directions on Gmail, after updating from version 7 to 8.
Therefore there is a bug in the conversion process, but the support doesn’t know what it is.

Hopefully, this simple solution will work for you too.
Good luck.

Sorry, I was too optimistic.
This worked initially, but is not a fix.
I have the dreaded red triangle appearing.
I wonder why support doesn’t pour over the logs to see where this fails.

From your post I assume you are using POP3, so your messages are stored on your computer, whereas the vast majority of Gmail users use IMAP, so their messages are stored on the server.

This confusion is why I recommend a backup before removing the account - so that in case the user has not specified they are using POP3 - nothing is lost. In the case of IMAP, removing the account from eM Client does not affect the messages. There is no need to move them to another server before removing the account from eM Client.

The Avast issue is also very real. Unfortunately in some scenarios Avast does not recognize eM Client as a safe application, and so in performing its function, it may block the SMTP or IMAP ports. Simply disabling Avast as a test will prove this. Then the user has some options about re-configuring Avast either by disabling the Mail Shield or importing the Avast certificate. Some users have found that by uninstalling Avast, then reinstalling it, it does recognize eM Client as a safe application. But in the end, disabling Avast is not the recommendation. It is simply a test to see if that is blocking the connection, and once that is proven, the user knows how to proceed.

Hope that helps.

If you have a Pro License with VIP Support, which I think you do, please open a support ticket and I will handle it personally for you.

Thank you for coming back to me.
I am absolutely using IMAP.
I’ve decided a long time ago that I couldn’t trust remote storage and I use local to store all my important files on my disk.
I don’t think I am alone in doing this, although it is becoming less fashionable with the cloud everywhere.

I’ve authorized eM Client within Avast just in case, so Avast shouldn’t be a problem.
After some time, the connexion to the server has come back.
This is a mysterious process which has been around with eM Client before, but with version 8 it has been more tenacious.
I’ll use the support ticket soon to see where this leads.

Thanks again.

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I have a supicion that this might be the bug in emClient where it just won’t work properly with AVG or AVAST email scanning active for Gmail account (and possibly others). I have experienced this personally here: Connection failed- red triangle - #8 by robross0606

A friend of mine had the problem actually (not me) and they ended up having to ditch emClient as they reinstalled AVG and it did not fix the problem and they were not willing to either a: turn off the email scanning in AVG or b: ditch AVG

It was a sad day for me because I recommended em Client v8 to them and it was all working just fine in em Client v7 then as soon as v8 was installed - BANG - it all went “pete tong” as they say.

ps: for those non english folk… "Pete Tong = “Wrong”.

We have another saying in English - throwing the baby out with the bathwater. :sob:

I believe AVG can be configured, and a question on their forum might have resolved it.

Or how about a report to AVG that this is a false positive? If their application blocks a new upgrade of eM Client, as it rightly should do, does that not mean that their database has just not yet caught up with the versions?

As said earlier, I’ve authorized eM Client within Avast. But it is not clear what the authorization does.
If this is the problem, then the eM Client management should contact ASAP the Avast management.

It isn’t a single user who will be able to talk Avast into looking what could be a structural problem.
Fixing this would be highly beneficial to eM Client as Avast is sold in the millions.

I have provided a log to the support and wait for the feedback.

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From my limited knowlege - It’s down to the non standard way emClient handles security certificates. It doesn’t use the windows certificate store but has its own built-in certificate store. It’s not to do with AVG/Avast blocking applications really nor is it to do with false positives. It is not the scanning that is the issue it is the interraction of SSL scanning of emails via certificates and presumably some API’s. It’s the fact that emClient has its own certificate handling system that is not playing properly with AVG/Avast I think. I’m not saying it is AVG/Avast’s fault and I am not saying it is emClient’s fault either but what it does require is emClient tech and AVG/Avast tech to talk to each other. In my case I imported the AVG security certificate into emClient (using the supplied KB article from AVG but it did not reslove the issue. The only work-around I am aware of is to disable email scanning in Avast/AVG and / or uninstall AVG/Avast and reinstall it (which works in some cases but did not work in my friends case). As he was not willing to ditch AVG (and why should he!!) I gave up to be honest and my frend moved away from emClient. I think he used Thunderbird.

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Paul 23, if you are right, this is a substantive info.
Please, eM Clients’ support could you check this issue regarding valid certificates?

As you know email is the main port of entry of malware, therefore it is crucial your certificates work with major anti-viruses.
I mean you want your email software to be integrated, don’t you?

You could even bundle your software with these anti-viruses and expand your user base.
This is a win-win.

There are a lot more… Avast and AVG and emClient are fully aware but no-one seems to have fixed the problem.

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Frankly, this is eM Client’s job to fix this issue.
It is a smaller company than AVG or Avast, which are barely impacted by this problem.
If Microsoft would have troubles with their software, then these companies would react very differently.
That’s a fact of life: the smallest providers have to adapt to the largest providers, it doesn’t work the reverse way.
Please, some realism here.

30 junio 2021 :: 2115hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @Paul23

Perhaps there is more to the issues concerning AVG/Avast than is immediately apparent, who knows?

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Many of the AV companies are the same. This site you quote “Safety Detectives” actively recommend TOTAL AV. Last time I looked - Total AV was tantermount to a PUP or Malware and was removed by trusted malware hunting software like Malwarebytes. Yes Total AV have allegedly cleaned up their act a bit but I for one would never ever ever trust or install Total AV so that means that the options of “Safety Detectives” is not worth diddly squat in my eyes :slight_smile:

The simple truth here is that most AV companies are a bunch of sharks and that includes Microsoft and its “inadequate” Windows defender. It also includes Kaspersky (which I use myself). Avast and AVG are no worse than those or indeed Google. This issue is related to AVG/Avast with Google so anyone with the problem has already sold thier soul and data to Google by using their mail system. Its just a thing we all have to learn to live with.

The other thing is that a lot (and I mean a hell of a lot) of people use Avast / AVG and have done so for many years. I don’t think a great number of those people are going to ditch it any time soon so really it is in emClient’s interests to work with them to get this fixed. Most people will not be bothered with tweaking this and importing a certificate etc. etc. most folk are simply going to ditch emClient because in their eyes it is broken. Whether that’s right or wrong is not relevant - that’s what I suspect a good proportion will do though (more so that the number that will uninstall AVG/Avast)…

That’s just my opinion…

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I managed to get version 8 working with Avast by going into Avast’s “Geek:Area”, scrolling down to the mail shield section and ‘unticking’ “Scan SSL”.


That works Avionsta but… It means that your emails are possibly not being scanned so your security is reduced as a consequence. Its the workaround for sure but not really the acceptable long term solution (which is for Avast/AVG and emClient to work together to sort this mess out :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much for providing a temporary fix.
You are more valuable than the whole support at eM Client, who doesn’t care.
These people don’t understand that not providing even a good direction, means less customers who pay their salaries at the end of the day, as they abandon the tool.

Paul23 you are right, this solution is not ideal but it has more granularity than switching off completely Avast as it has been “recommended” numerous times.
We know now it is a SSL certificate issue.

EMC management requires more business acumen. They need to work with AV providers to bundle their software with them, instead of ignoring them.

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Skybat, you don’t provide much value here. People have different configurations. You are behaving as a religious person who wants to convert people to his ideals.

I don’t want to be converted. Hasta la vista.

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Hi @Sam_Fre

¿Preferirías si comento en español o solo conoces una frase?
¡Avísame, mientras tanto continuaré en inglés!

I do not understand your comment, you are of course entitled to your opinion, however, as you choose to be insulting, I will treat your comment with the contempt that it deserves.

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Some people feel that giving Avast the power to act as MITM is a risk in itself and that disabling SSL scanning may be OK. See the discussion at the following link:
[tls - Why is 'avast! Web/Mail Shield Root' listed as CA for google.com? - Information Security Stack Exchange]