Will not connect to gmail

I get the small red triangle next to my the gmail account. I can send e-mail but I cannot receive e-mail. When I click on the triangle the message says it can not connect.

What version of eMC are you running?

Try suspending/closing your anti-virus software and trying to connect

This worked. Does this mean that I. Will have to turn off AVG every time I download email? Thanks for your help

From eMC support:

I enabled exceptions for eM Cliant on AVG and I still have the same problem. The only way I can download e-mail is to disable the entire AVG program. If this is my only option I will have to find another e-mail program. Thanks for your help.

Did you try “disable the Avast Mail Shield”?
Have you tried another A/V app, like Windows Microsoft Defender Anti-Virus.