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I am a new user of eM Client and so far I am comfortable with it. My PC uses Windows 10 which means it comes preinstalled with the Mail app to manage mail, but I decided to try other alternatives and now eM Client is my default mail app.

I have installed the client and added my Gmail and Outlook accounts without any problem and the client configuration is intact after adding my accounts but I have a small problem.

I have done an experiment to know how eM Client responds when new mail arrives to one of my accounts, so the experiment consists in keeping the client open and from the browser send a mail message to myself, the result appears as a notification from eM Client in the Windows notification center in less than 10 seconds after the message has been sent. A notification almost instantly by new email incoming is something I’m liking about eM Client.

But here comes the little problem. I do the same experiment with the client closed but I don’t get any notification, so the client must be open all the time to notify me of new mail? eM Client does not run in the background after being closed? I remember that the Mail app that comes with Windows does run in the background, and even when is closed it would notify me of new mail arriving.

The attached image shows the notifications section, which I have not modified after installing eM Client, and everything seems to be fine.

So did I miss something in the configuration? Is there any configuration that can help me so that eM Client notifies me for the arrival of new mail when the client is closed? or does eM Client not have this feature?

I look forward to your help and thanks in advance.
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That is correct. If the application is not running, it cannot process your messages and notify you when new ones arrive.

Hi Gary.

Thanks for replying, but I think the feature I am talking about is very important for any mail app, as I said before the Mail app that comes with Windows 10 can notify me of new mail even when it is closed, and even alternatives to eM Client can handle that function.

Maybe the eM Client team has in their plans to add this feature in a future update? or they have not considered it? Or is it possible that I can do something to make eM Client run in the background by modifying the registry or permissions of the client from Windows?
Seriously, It is something that needs to be implemented.

I look forward to your reply.
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I think the Windows Mail app is pretty much part of the OS, just like the calendar and weather features. Even when they are closed, there are still background processes or services running.

The best you can do with eM Client is to minimize it.

Maybe you can run it as a service, but that is not the intended use.

I see, but I insist, it needs that function. If other alternatives like Mailbird and Thunderbird that are not part of the OS can do that, why not eM Client?

For now that is the only problem I find in eM Client, I hope the client developers will consider adding that feature soon.

Thunderbird can’t. When the application is closed, there are no notifications.

That’s fine, but other alternatives can; and eM Client should not leave this aside.

Such as?

When applications are closed they do not give notifications.

Mailbird, Outlook , Thunderbird with some extension… I don’t think it’s necessary to mention some of them because we know that some eM Client competition can do it.

And I see that I am not the only one with this problem, since 5 years ago eM Client has not solved it. Email notification Solved - Windows 10 Forums (tenforums.com) and here a similar problem with notifications No Notifications - Mail - eM Client

You know?.. forget it, I’m sure that if I write to eM Client they will give me a better attention and a good answer.

Good day.

Good idea… be sure to share their response

Nope! Mailbird does not!
And neither does TB. And why close TB and use an add-on or an extension from an obscure source and give it the right to check your mail? Better leave TB active.

Good idea… be sure to share their response

I will, so you also have the same problem?

Not at all, just believe you should move along

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Obviously Mozilla has an extension to fix that. Make Thunderbird to check for mails when it is closed - Ask Ubuntu

Thank you, I am a new eM Client user and so far that is the only drawback I have found, and of course I will share the answer they send me from eM Client.

Not a Mozilla extension. See who the developer is.
There are others btw. Search TB add-ons. They’re all from external sources. They’re not all reliable. Be careful! Read reviews AND required permissions!

It is an extension with a rating of 4 out of 5 stars, so it works. And prove my point that TB can notify new mail when it is closed. But don’t worry, I stopped using Thunderbird a long time ago.

That issue has to do with eM Client not giving notifications when it is running.

I see you erased your post…
Then you should be happy with eMC. Just leave it in the tray like the example you gave (Mailbird)

Pity the post was withdrawn as I was interested to find out what add-on that was.

I just hate it when someone claims that such-and-such does something, but then they can’t qualify it by saying what it is.