How to delete unwanted contacts

I am quite conversant with deleting an ACTUAL contact but if you have ever mis-typed an email address and tried to send an email to the incorrect email address you seem to be stuck with that address appearing in the list of email addresses…so how would I delete bad email addresses appearing in the list that appears as you start to enter a name.

See image below - #1 is an actual contact but #2 and #3 are not. #2 was a mistype and #3 is a one-off email that I do not want to see or use.

no subject - New Message-

If you have sent the email to an incorrect address, you will find the address in two places; the recipient history and the message in the Sent folder.

You will find settings for this in Menu > Settings > Mail > Compose > Email Address Suggestion. You can (1) clear or edit the recipients history, and (2) disable the Sent folder suggestions. You can also find the message in your Sent folder and delete it.


Gary…AKA Superstar,

Many thanks Gary…I knew the answer was somewhere but I was looking in all the wrong places.

Issue resolved and a lesson learnt. :smiley: