Gmail problem after upgrading to eM client version 8

After upgrading to eM client version 8 all i get is a triangle warning that the gmail server cannot be connected check settings. My gmail worked fine with the previous version of eM client. I did not change any settings and the gmail works fine when sent to my cellphone. Now i cannot get gmail within the eM client mail client program on my laptop. Anybody else having this issue?


Same here!!!
Is there a way to go back to version 7???


I think you can revert to version 7. I think i will try that if eM client does not have a fix or work around soon. Thanks for the response. Anybody else have same problem?

Anche io continuo a provare le nuove versioni ma sempre continua a non funzionare con Gmail ne con pop3 ne con imap. Poi disinstallo e ripasso alla 7 di cui ho precedentemente salvato il file di setting . Basta poi importarlo e tutto come prima. Non aggiornerò fino a quando non avranno risolto questo grave problema visto che l’80% delle mail in giro sono Gmail

In the current situation it is possible to SEND OUT email messages, but not to accept messages from Gmail .

Hi, maybe this is caused by the rights and access you granted to emClient in your gmail account. Have you tried to re-register the client?

Because 8.0 works fine with my Gmail after new install.


I’m seeing the same issue too!!
I deleted the Gmail account and re-added giving EM the necessary permissions and still the same “connection failed” triangle!!!

I just upgraded from 7 to 8. Email and contacts synch well with Google Mail and Contacts but Calendar does not synch with Google Calendar at all. I get a message that means nothing to me: [Google Calendar] Detecting default task failed due to the following error: Not Found

I tried rolling back to Version 7 and the installer will not install over a later version of eMclient. no help there. I even created another gmail account and it still has warning triangle and will not connect to gmail server. I do not think it is a permissions or license issue as i have only ever downloaded the free eMclient version no trial versions. Need help eMclient if you are listening? Thanks to all that have responded.

I had this same problem the first time I fired up emClient 8.
That was yesterday afternoon. I clicked on the triangle, it went away and I haven’t seen it since.
Version 7 was always throwing errors for me. It would start out working fine, but slowly over the course of a week I would start getting connectivity errors. I couldn’t use it, I’m hoping this isn’t the same thing.

I’m having the same problem and want to go back to 7. I was hoping this forum had the answer. Does eM Client recognize this problem anywhere?

For me the same issue. I’va paid the upgrade but it does not work: red triangle…

I get the triangle warning with version.
gmail calendar and contacts imported ok but not mail.
Am also using Avast.
No problems with wersion 7.

I’ve got the same problem - I was using version 7, got the email encouraging me to upgrade to 8 so I downloaded and installed it. Now emClient refuses to connect to either of my two email accounts (Gmail and Comcast). I just get that little red triangle next to the account saying that it can’t reach the server.

I tried to uninstall version 8 and reinstall 7, and got an error message saying that my database had been upgraded to a later version, then it automatically downloaded and installed version 8 again.

This is really frustrating. I really like eMClient as an email program, but if I can’t get it to connect to my accounts, I’ll have to look elsewhere.

For what it’s worth, I gave up on version 8, went into Windows “Programs and Features” and told it to uninstall emClient and said Yes to “do you want to delete the database”.

Then I reinstalled version 7, set my Gmail and Comcast accounts up again and everything looks back to normal and seems to be working.

I’m not sure what you lose by deleting the database, but I only use emClient for basic email functions, and it seems like everything I had before is still there.

Likely a very stupid question - but have you restarted your computer since the update. After my update, I got the triangle for gmail as well. I got frustrated and just did a restart. Anyway, low and behold, it connected fine after the restart. Working great all day!

Probably won’t work for everyone!

Same issues for me. If there is no other fix, I guess I will have to uninstall and go back to 7 also. I will wait 1 day to see if eMclient offers us a fix

Avast email virus shield caused this for me. Disabling enabled emails to work again. Your milage may vary.

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aiting on a fix also

As with ray223, disabling Avast email shield allows the downloading of GMail, but red triangle back once you turn the shield back on.

Also, sent mail does not seem to be stored in sent mail folder, even with option ticked.

Only started using eM at start of July - do updates usually cause problems?