Gmail problem after upgrading to eM client version 8

I am using AVG Free Anti-virus and deactivating the email shield will allow the gmail server to connect and everything appears to work normal. This is not a fix because i want my email scanned for virus. This was not a problem with version 7 eMclient. The other problems of slow to open and a few others is still present on my computer with eMclient 8 plus the issue with gmail. Anybody get a message directly to eMclient to see if they are aware of these issues?

I have the same issue and found that when forwarding an email with an attachment to 10 in a group the message size grows from 10mb attachment to 30mb and is rejected for its size by the server. Also when synchronizing my sent folder is also rejected creating warning triangles repeatedly. The warnings info does not explain the error. Deleted version 8 and reinstalled 7 and everything works. Fortunately I had a computer back up which had a V 7 backup so I could restore from that because my V 8 backups over wrote the V 7 backups.

Turning off AVG’s email shield also fixed my gmail problem. It’s a temp fix, but I’ll take it

I found by going to my gmail business account and deleting the trash folder, it cleared things up. However the trash folder reappeared. I’m going to get with my IT guy and see what he thinks.
FYI - I have two gmail accounts loading into eM Client, one personal, the other is our business account. It’s the business account that is causing the problem for me.

Found a solution to getting my gmail to connect to server without turning my AVG Free email shield off completely. Go to the AVG email shield under settings and UN-check all boxes in the dialog tree this leaves the email shield as turned on and green and you will not get red warning from the AVG antivirus program that your email is unprotected. This allows the gmail server to connect and work with eMclient Version 8. Seeking an exception from AVG antivirus under settings for the eMclient version 8 program as suggested on this forum will not work at least for my computer. Even though the above steps are just a work around it leaves you with working gmail and an Avg antivirus that is not issuing red warnings. Just my two cents.Thanks to all that responded. Bear

I UN-checked the email shield for 10 minutes, which allowed eM Client to connect and D/L the gmail messages.
Now, miracle of all miracles, eM Client talks with gmail without any impediments. (even when AVG’s email-shield is on.)

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Fix for those with Avast - go to the “geek” area and in the options for Mail Shield there is a check box for “Scan SSL Connections” - untick this and eM Client will be able to connect to the GMail server.

I also have the certificate for Avast Mail Shield in eM’s locker which I did as a first step (it didn’t work), so I don’t know whether that is strictly necessary as well…

For me the same. eM Client assistance is not able to help me and I paid the upgrade! Version 7 was so good as V8 is not…

As upgrades go, this was as bad as it gets. I just clicked on the upgrade without much thought (as usual). The upgrade went through and like other Avast and Gmail users, I couldn’t connect to the server.

I uninstalled emclient 8 and reinstalled version 7…(oh no you didn’t)…the upgrade had modified the database. DISASTER…I have years of messages I have stored in offline folders.

Luckily, I had backed up the database 10 days earlier and was able to get up and running with version 7…but what a basic error…gmail and avast…two of the most widely used combinations of email and antivirus and they were not tested.

I will not be installing version 8 again until it’s working properly with gmail…and I am certainly not going to disable the antivirus check!


Avast work-around
Protection > Core Shield > Settings (gear on the right) > look for Mail Shield > disable Scan inbound emails

eM Client 8 should work
Hope these helps.


If their is an eMclient engineer monitoring this tread please let us know if you are working on a fix for the connection issue with gmail server when using avast or avg antivirus. In my opinion turning off the email shield or even UN-checking some of the sub routines within the email shields is not a safe or effective cure for this problem. This did not occur using eMclient version 7. Could you please either make a patch for this problem within the eMclient Version 8 program or work Avast and AVG to get a safe and effective fix. As for avg it will not grant a exception for the eMclient Version 8 program to work regardless of which path you specify to the program. Please let us know. We all need our emails protected from malware regardless of which email program we use. I really like eMclient and would like to keep using it. thanks for your time.

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Io non uso Avast e non funziona lo stesso. Mi tengo la 7. Per quelli che hanno problemi a reinstallare la 7 dopo la 8, consiglio di disinstallare la nuova versione con un buon programma tipo RevoUninstaller o Iobit Uninstaller eliminando anche i file residui. Poi reinstalla la 7 e importa il file di Backup o di Settaggi se lo hai fatto prima o reinserisci i tuoi account manualmente. Anche il database funzionerà senza errori

My problem is not about gmail, but about another IMAP-based account. I’ve got errors on every sync, like this:
[IMAP] Не удалось открыть папку “/Входящие/Colvir/[#] TrackStudio”. (NO failed SELECT)
(sorry, it’s cyrillic, it says “Unable to open folder …”).
There was no similar problems with v.7.

I’m experiencing the same exact problem. Cant access email from my desk top

Triangolo rosso su Gmail che non si connette in nessun modo. Io non uso Avast ma ho installato Advanced SystemCare Ultimate
Con la versione 7 tutto funziona regolarmente.

If I understand correctly, the eM Client database is the collection of Local Folders, folders existing on one’s hard-drive. Those local folders can indeed be deleted. Now, whether that deletion of Local Folders effects your gmail folders on the Gmail server – I really don’t know. I’m still learning about eMC Sync function. [I was trying to connect this reply to the nice person who asked about the database.]

I finally found this worked through process of elimination - I wish there was a way to fix it! Aggravating.

Bear, I have the same problem you describe, but if I disable my antivirus (AVG) temporarily gmail will update, However, when I turn AVG back on, the red triangle reappears. I don’t understand why EM Client hasn’t fixed this yet! They should at least provide a way to revert to Ver. 7, which worked just fine. They admitted they had this issue with Avast, but I’ve seen no mention of having the problem with AVG.

Go into your AVG Email shield program and un-check all the 5 boxes starting with scan inbound emails. This leaves some functionality of the email shield i guess and the email shield is turned on which will keep AVG from displaying RED Warnings when you start it. After I did this my eM Client version 8 will connect with gmail server and no red triangles. Seems to work normal again. I have not had problems with my gmail but as with any workaround fix i suppose our gmail is not as secure as it would be if all functions of the AVG Email shield were turned on. So do it at your own risk. If you do it i hope it works for you. And i am with you after all this time eMclient should fix this problem instead of us looking for workarounds. Just my 2 cents worth. Bear

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I join the question. How to get version 7 back?