eMclient with Linux

They absolutely could. Terminal usage for Linux and Mac is already very similar, and a lot of the same builds work for both. Mozilla it with Thunderbird. BTW, I use dedicated Pop_OS on my main laptop too. The first thing I do when I get a new laptop is grab a thumb drive lol. You’re right about desktop Linux too. The Linux desktop experience runs laps around Windows. They know it too, that’s why they copied Deepin OS for Windows 11. Look at the similarities when you get a chance. Windows 11 looks like a modified version of Deepin. I’ll post links but not sure how eMclient’s policy is with links so they might kill em. If they do, just google the two, ie Windows 11 then Deepin OS, and click images…

Windows 11:
We got an early look at Windows 11 - Leicestershire IT Support | Managed IT Services | Provident IT (providentitsolutions.co.uk)

Deepin OS:
Deepin 20.2 Review – #Distrocrunch

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I didn’t have any luck with Wine on Linux Mint. However, Crossover, after a long time adding .Net stuff, worked very well UNTIL: I wanted to open eMClient settings. Going to the menu and just clicking “Settings” gave an immediate crash. Every time without fail. Other menu items worked as expected. I tried reinstalling but no improvement. Unfortunately neither Code Weavers nor EMC support could help.

I am hoping for eM Client for Linux, too. I replied to another thread about it not knowing about this thread…

With the views on that thread and this one, eM Client is missing a lot of license sales as there is a demand for it on Linux. I know I would need a lifetime license for 4-5 computers.

They could make a Flatpak or Snap for eM Client. I would be happy with a 64-bit .DEB of eM Client, but Flatpak or Snap would be OK as well.

For those of us needing an alternative until eM Client for Linux becomes a reality…

Both Mailspring and BlueMail have SNAP installs for Linux along with Windows and Mac versions. BlueMail is also available for Android. I like Mailspring more than BlueMail, but I would love eM Client a whole lot more for Linux.

Come on eM Client. Get a Linux version out soon before it is too late.

DotNet is available on Linux now. Formerly know as DotNet Core, with version 6 is it now simply DotNet, since the former Core package is now the primary package. So, the fact that eM Client is implemented with DotNet should no longer prevent a Linux version.