EmClient 10- Export emails to .emd files

I would like to know what this function is and how useful it may be. How can I practically use these files?
Thank you

An eml is the actual message, just as it is on the server. It has all the headers, and content including attachments, so the full message. Each message will be a separate eml file. They are not tied to a specific email application, so you can open them directly from Explorer on the PC or Finder on the Mac with most email applications and without having to import them into the application first. They can be used as a backup, or for importing into other applications.

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My interest was for the option “Export emails to .emdf file”.
Awaiting your reply.

Oh, sorry, my apologies. You asked about export to emd files, and I incorrectly assumed it was a typing error.

eM Client 10 has a new function called Data Files. A Data File is like a PST file. They can be mounted (or unmounted) from your main database and even stored in different location. You can also move some of your messages into these separate files for archiving reasons or easy sharing. When mounted, you will see them below your other accounts.

This export option allows you to export messages to a Data File (*.emdf) which you can later mount in eM Client.

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Thank you Gary.
I did try to export my local archive folder in emdf format. Then I mounted the file and saw that the emails are stored with all attachments correctly. Then i re-exported the same emails using tha same emdf file and noticed that the app replaces the file. This is great because when emails are exported as eml files the app creates ducplicates and so on.
My conclusion is that this function could be mainly used for backup reasons.
You mentioned “… or easy sharing”. Could you explain in details?
Since the emdf file created is recognized only by emclient, what are the risks to be corrupted and so to lose my backed-up emails?
Thank you

If you wanted to share data with another eM Client user. Rather than send them 100s of eml files, you could just send them a single emdf file.

Just like any file, there are risks. Data Files, even when mounted in eM Client are not included in the eM Client backup. You will need to make separate arrangements to back them up.

Thank you very much.

@Good day Gary,
Today I found out the following emClient v.10 bug.
When I export the emails as an emdf file for the 1st time all is ok.
The second time despite I get the message that the *.emdf file exists and has to be replaced, in reality all the same emails and the new ones are appended to the emdf file.
Developers should take care of this asap. Thank you.
(see following images)

The only temporary solution I found is to run deduplicator tool. I did tried and succeeded.