Emails disappearing

This morning I was loading and using my email as normal. But within minutes, emails I had received last night and today have now disappeared off my Inbox list. They are not in the Trash. I did not do anything to move them anywhere. I have a total of 6 emails I know I was keeping as I need them and they just disappeared. I did have my internet/email server reset to be sure that was not the problem. I did have an update pop up to download and install for eM Client so I did that. Emails are still coming in but the missing ones are still not anywhere. Now what?

If you open the webmail interface for your email provider, can you see the missing messages there?

No I tried that too. I opened my email through their portal and on an ipad device and they are not there either.

I have a similar problem. Several of my emails flashed on and then disappeared, even from the online service. I see there are no answers and this may end my use of this product.

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have the same problem. I have connected 4 emails. Three of them have letters, I open them and in a minute they disappear. What is it??? I have one account that duplicates a colleague’s mail, and I noticed that when he receives a letter, it disappears from me. How to solve this problem ??

Are these missing emails using an IMAP or POP account ?

Also are the missing emails in your Spam folder ?

If it’s a Gmail account, are they in “All Mail” ?

Is this happening with any particular version of eM Client and what OS are you running.

I have an IMAP account. These missing emails were not in my spam or on my email providers portal either. Just gone. I have Windows 10 with the free version on eM Client.

@skwhited If the disappearing mail issue is (with an IMAP account), then that’s normally an ISP mailbox problem, as eM Client only mirrors your mailbox with IMAP and all your emails should be on the server. I would contact your ISP to discuss.

You may have eg: rules setup in your ISP mailbox to auto delete certain emails when they arrive so you then don’t see them in EM Client & dissapear soon after the server mailbox checks for mail.

If your ISP mailbox has no rules or spam filtering etc setup, check you have no eg: auto delete rules configured in eM Client via “Menu / Rules”.

Same problem here. I actually came here to post this and saw this thread. Gmail with imap (or whatever it is you guys are doing with gmail - I don’t think it’s imap).

Got an email I was expecting last night (a 2FA code to change a password somewhere so I was just sitting looking at eM Client waiting for it). It should up on in the inbox. I clicked the message and besides a header the message display was completely empty. Did “View Message Source” and got a dialog box saying something like “This may take a while.” And it did, like five minutes. Which I didn’t understand since the message was only 22kB. That window did show the raw source but the main message pane was still empty. So I clicked on a different email and back to the one causing the issue but it was still blank. I decided to ignore the problem and get on with my other work but when I came back to eM client this morning the non-displaying email was simply gone. From everything, not in the trash, not visible in any other email client, Just gone.

Up to date Windows 10 and latest version of eM Client.

I am experiencing the same issue. It generally occurs when moving messages to another folder or deleting messages. I can see the messages disappear. I have to close emClient completely and re-open and the messages come back.

This is happening with IMAP and POP accounts. I have contacted support, but have been waiting for a response since January 26th as the HotFix that was released did not resolve the problem.

I have the exact same problem, with the exact same timeline. Most recently, I revo removed emClient and removed every trace. Reinstalled and readded the accounts. After creating the encryption key, immediately, the 'EM Keybook" confirmation email disappeared. Nothing in EM or Webmail. Also set to IMAP.

I started digging after turning up logging and found some neat little tidbits.

“Received VANISHED for UID 4392 but it was on a list of UIDs expected to vanish”


  • OK [COPYUID 1598544518 4390:4392 4084:4085]
  • VANISHED 4390:4392"

If I never open EM Client, the message comes in normally to webmail and stays, but as soon as it’s open and started sync, it disappears completely. No rules, no redirects, no webmail policies. I notice the missing emails more on 2FA and keybook emails. Strangely, if I mark as read in webmail, it won’t disappear when synced in EM Client.

Issue started happening after updating to the most recent build.

Not a solution post, but hopefully some of my debugging can help.

I would think that indicates a Rule is being applied, as Rules don’t affect read emails. You may want to go to Menu > Rules and untick everything, then see what happens with new unread messages that match the criteria.

I just double checked again. There are no rules at all. I had previously removed the Blacklist and Spam rules over 6 months ago.

I really wish this bug would get more attention and resolved. I am tired of constantly having to shut down emClient and reopen just to see the emails that disappear. Very big nusance!

I have been having the same problem. I am about to stop using this program.

I am also having same problem, especially when trying to move an email from inbox to a folder. Just completely disappears, Setup is gmail imap. All applications up to date.

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In general - I’ve had a similar problem when using the functionality “Move folder…” from one IMAP account to another. All mails disappeared completely (not even in Trash available anymore) but the folders were at least created, but empty.
Luckily I’ve had a backup of these mails.
But this really is a no-go behaviour in such transactions.

I am really getting annoyed with this now, I’m on the paid plan, and my company used EMClient as it’s very easy and clear, but this is a complete pain, gosh knows how many emails we’ve lost!

Did anyone have a solution before I look for an alternative and request my money back?

@Tony8 have you filed a ticket? If you’re on the paid plan don’t you get real support and don’t have to rely just on this forum?

I’ve had all kinds of problems with eMC, especially with gmail, but so far I’ve not been bit by this. I actually uninstalled eMC and went and played with 4 or 5 other clients (not including the full Outlook, which I started with). The end result, warts and all, eMC was the best client I found, short of going back to the Mac and the very good I was using on Mojave (haven’t used newer, so can’t speak to them).

I paid for eMC and opened a ticket with my main issue. So far they are at least replying and seem to be trying to figure it out (I owe them a screen shot this morning).


This has been going on since v8 first appeared, and although I reported it and they got back to me saying they’d investigate, they never came up with any solution. In the end, it got so appalling having to move an email, see it disappear from the destination folder before my eyes after a second or two and then reappear in Allmail (Gmail over IMAP), I had to bin v8 altogether and go back to v7, which of course means having to dismiss the wretched “upgrade” nag every time I start the program. And now I’ve just found out today that because the new People API (Google’s replacement for Contacts API) isn’t supported by older versions of emClient, I’m about to lose contact syncing now.
Looks like it really is time to bin emClient altogether and find a new app for email. Shame, I like the look of emClient but too many problems to bother with it any more.