eM Client 7 BETA launch

I had the same problem and just had to set them up again. Individual items retain the category that you set up previously, so as soon as you re-define the category name/colour, all returns to normal.

I flagged this with them, and Olivia says that they are looking into it, but that will only help future upgraders!

I had to go back to version 6, as the new gmail labels replaced my categories and it made the new version unusable for me. Even if I set up my own categories, the Inbox label took priority.

I also reported the issue and sent screen shots. I hope they can add a check box that says, Do not use gmail labels.

Or even better, find a way to combine/merge and use both existing labels and gmail ones?!

I would agree, if we could disable the Inbox label, but it takes priority and is always gray. Those who don’t have multiple email address and only use their inbox, might not have the issue.

I was so excited for the category/label feature but disappointed in its implementation. Same issues as others have noted:

  • persistent inbox label (grey)
  • persistent important label (yellow) - even when disabled in web settings
  • destruction of existing personal categories
    The blog post suggests using categories to associate mail items with folders. Why would one want to do this? There is no reduction in clicks/steps vs drag & drop or ‘move to folder’.

Some have suggested using a Gmail filter to remove the importance label assigned by Gmail. I do not see this as a universal solution as the importance flag is used in other contexts. 

eM Client needs a master switch to disable the category/label association feature while kinks are being worked out. 

Personally, I’ve figured out how to deal with the category labels for myself so it works, more or less, to my satisfaction.

That said, I’d like to eliminate the Important label and the Inbox label, since I am perfectly capable of figuring out what’s important to me and not.

And I’d like to get rid of the Inbox label because it just means that when I move an email to another folder I have to take another step to remove the Inbox label so that it disappears from the Inbox.

I could more easily and efficiently deal with the label problems if I was able to add or remove more than one label at a time.

I’d also like to eliminate the conversation view. I tried to turn it off in Gmail directly but that seems to have no effect in eM.

All in all, though, I like v7 more than v6. And it is, after all, still a beta and one expects there to be problems. I hope that as they get tested and resolved the program will be upgraded more frequently than seems to be the case.

You can disable conversations in eMclient v7 via Menu->View->Conversations.

Personally I have no interest in pursuing obscure ‘workarounds’ as I use several different clients to access mail depending on platform and availability. Managing folders, labels and categories to satisfy the idiosyncrasies of a particular client is a waste of time. Categories should be productivity aids that otherwise stay out of the way. As currently implemented (for Gmail) they are a distraction that overshadow any potential benefit.

Thanks for the conversations solution. I hadn’t seen that and thought it could only be changed in Gmail itself, which wasn’t the case.

As for the rest of what you wrote, since eM is the only client I use I only need to worry about dealing with the idiosyncrasies of that client. But I understand your larger point.

Michael Saltz - You can remove the Important Label in Gmail.  But no, that won’t remove the “inbox” category Set up a filter for the incoming emails on gmail.com, and check off the box that says Never Mark them Important.

How did you figure out how to deal with them?  I couldn’t.  This is why I had to go back to Version 6.  I have 6 clients and I categorize their emails to keep them organized.

In version 6, I had set up rules to automatically set the categories, and that worked well.  Just occasional issues if I read them on my phone first.

My earlier comment just referred to using categories in Contacts and Calendar, and this area works perfectly in V7 once you have gone to the bother of re-setting-up your categories (a bit of a pain but…) 

I don’t use categories in Mail, but the fact that all mails come through marked as Important is easily resolved by going into Gmail Settings/Inbox (i.e. in Gmail not emClient) and deselecting the option about “using past actions to predict what is important to you”. Hey presto, all is well again! 

May be I’m wrong but from what I’ve seen so far using the beta and especially reading the conversations here, I get the impression that almost all testers are searching for ways to disable those new and shiny features instead of using them.

OK, its a beta version, I know but it is missing more useful things instead of this GMail/Outlook/Hotmail crap. My ten accounts are using plain IMAP, most of them self-hosted and this protocol does (fortunately) not know about this lable thing at all. Hence most of the new features are just for the virtual dust bin. Sorry for the harsh words but I’m now really fed up with emclient and its lack of real new features.

Enhancements the community demanded for a long time now are stupidly ignored or wiped off by former and new community managers.

Previously, I’ve used Thunderbird, before that TheBat! and many others, too. Because of missing CardDav/CalDav support I switched to emClient.
Of course both protocols work well within emclient, but after using my lifetime license for quite a long time now, I noticed that I need more power functions like new feature for the rules, unread message indicators on parent folders, better archiving features and much more.
Btw, these are wishes seen here for quite a long time now from others, too. And guess what? The wishes are ignored for the same amount of time by the company.

I suspect they have limited development resources (talent and/or funding) and must find ways to tweak existing functionality into ‘new’ capabilities without going too deep. Exceptionally long development cycles and lack of true innovation are evidence of a struggling product.  

Barbara Collins - See Richard Skeet’s suggestion about turning off Important label, which makes more sense to me than setting up a specific rule.

As for the other labels, I have been saving emails in separate folders for years, starting in the days when I used Outlook Express. So it was easiest for me to continue doing things the same way in eM. So I any email that I want to keep I move to one of a group of folders. That still leaves me with the email in the Inbox, often with three labels attached to it: 1) Inbox, 2) Saved/specific folder name, 3) Important (since I haven’t gotten rid of that label yet).

I put the Categories button on top of the menu bar (if that’s what it’s called) along with Reply, Forward, etc. Then I just have to click on it to see all the labels and deselect the ones I don’t want, usually the Important first and then the Inbox after which it disappears from the Inbox.

Obviously, I think I can make up other labels if I want to, like on that says Needs Reply or something else but I haven’t done that yet. I also see that on that button there is a None category and maybe that is really my best solution as long as the email that I’ve saved to a particular folder stays saved in that folder after the label is gone but I haven’t tried that yet.

Yes, I know how to get the IMPORTANT label off in Gmail.

But I get too many emails to manually change them all.  Also, after the Inbox label is deselected they don’t show up in the Combined Inbox anymore, or on my Agenda of flagged emails.

I am happy to stay with Version 6 for now.

Same here! Using it in spanish, and it keeps giving me the notification, that by the way, crashes the application after several times of appearing.

Any news on an updated beta where import of V6 database does not fail? Because I cannot test the beta without my database working…

I am having the same issue but with Exchange

I’m having an issue that is a little opposite. I don’t use GMail for email (as I have my own domain and server), but use it for my Calendar and Contacts. In GMail, I have multiple calendars and each set up with different color. eM Client seems to change the colors of my calendars. I will change them back to the colors that I want, but they revert to the colors that eM Client wants them to be. I’m not sure where these colors are coming from.

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Well, I did find that the Account and Folders columns are visible to be added to the column display when Conversation View is turned off. I assume this is because emails can be in many different folders/accounts within a conversation. I would argue that you should still be able to display those columns in Conversation view as there are always emails that will not be displayed in conversation view and when they are, it should display that information for the most recent email.

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What were they thinking? The label-to-category association for Gmail users is both unnecessary and confusing. It breaks existing category definitions, adds categories (and associated colors/markings) where they are not wanted and has no toggles to enable/disable. Some seemly benign operations can result in unexpected mailbox operations triggering a search for relocated items (no undo). Several users have posted workarounds but they either depreciate native Gmail feature/functionality or required the user initiate manual actions to overcome a poor design. Support has yet to respond to several inquires from different posters suggesting the feature is here to stay - like it or not.