eM Client 7 BETA launch

Are you excited for eM Client 7 launch? We have some good news for you, today we’re releasing a beta version for public.

Check out the full announcement and DOWNLOAD the version on our blog!

You can download this new version and finally see what’s new for yourself. By doing so, you can help us find a few last issues that you may come across during your use. Reporting any issues will ensure that version 7 will be in the best shape possible for the final release.

What’s new
eM Client 7 has many new features that some of you have been very keen to see included and which we’ve written about over the last couple of months on our blog. These include conversations , delayed sending , vacation responder, support for GMail labels , new reminders, translation of incoming messages, improved performance or quick text. We’ve reworked most of the application’s features to suit both the new interface and the new core which is now running on Chromium.

New Interface
The new version has a completely new look and feel. We’ve also added a few new themes including a highly requested dark theme. The new interface also has a lot of improvements for touch devices and high resolution displays.

Upgrading your version
Note that since we’ve rebuilt a lot of the application’s core features, updating the application will migrate all your data to a new format of eM Client 7. This may take a while as the database has to be carefully exported and imported to its new model. We’ve added a little something to keep you busy while the migration takes place. Play a couple of minesweeper games during the update and you’ll be done in no time.

In case you come across any issues with the Beta release, please make sure to report them to our support team at [testing@emclient.com](mailto:testing@emclient.com?subject=Version 7 BETA problem) and we will look into each reported problem thoroughly.

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Installed it. Checked for PGP encryption. Uninstalled it. I lost my eM Client 6 version since obviously you don’t support both versions being installed in parallel. Well, who cares. No PGP encryption, no eM Client anymore.

So far I really like it.  The only thing missing for me, so far, is the ability to toggle from the toolbar from plain text to HTML views and back.  Any chance something like that could be added.

For me, I prefer plain text, but some emailers still use HTML so it’s nice to be able to toggle the view when needed.

Thanks again for the release - looks great!

It failed to upgrade me saying path to OneDrive was invalid… so I’ve re-configured the accounts.
However my gmail calendar is failing with Invalid URI: The hostname could not be parsed.

Why is “All Mail” mandatory.  I hate that.

Are you talking about in Smart Folders?  You can disable the All Inboxes by right clicking on Smart Folders and unchecking the All Inboxes.

No talking about how now we have to have “All Mail” on the imap.  

08:16:18   MailClient.Storage.Application.OperationException: Synchronizing folder ‘accountName/robert.parker@aserver.com/’ failed due to the following error: Invalid URI: The hostname could not be parsed. —> System.UriFormatException: Invalid URI: The hostname could not be parsed.

Also the unread counter is not moving when marking emails as read.
Overall much better than 6 for feel, looks and performance but a few ,expected, problems as it’s beta.

I’m sorry to hear that a feature that is crucial for you has not yet been implemented, but unfortunately the PGP encryption didn’t make it into the beta release. However it is a planned improvement for future upgrades.
If you need to go back to version 6, you can still download the installation file for it from our website. Your database has not been deleted by the version 7 beta, so if you uninstall it and install version 6, you will have all your setups in place.


Hi Barbara,
unfortunately the All Mail synchronization is important for correct handling of Gmail labels.
However, if you do not wish to see this folder, you can right-click it in eM Client’s folder structure and choose to Hide it.


Hi Robert,
thank you for reporting the counter problem.
As for your Invalid URI issue, please go to the database folder (location can be fount in Tools>Settings>General>Storage) and send the accounts.dat file to rust@emclient.com so we can try to determine what the issue is.


Hello Michael,
thank you for the feedback. Unfortunately, changing the Plain text and HTML view from the Toolbar is currently not a planned feature.


You know how fast development is regading new features in emClient, right?

That’s the point: don’t listen to your users/cutomers and I repeat myself: it takes ages to get new features into emClient.

And what’s more, I told this elsewhere already: really new features in emClient v7 are missing. If I weren’t a life time licensee I wouldn’t update for the conversation view solely and spend again some money.

Is anyone else have problems with the categories now being gmail labels?  I am struggling.  Now all my emails have a “Inbox” Category that over rides my category colors.  My flagged emails icons are all grey (for the Inbox).  I can’t use category colors in my lists.

I have already reported it, and I hope changes can be made, but I would love some suggestions on how to work around the problem.

Yes, I would love to be able to turn that off, I’m getting Important and other Categories I really do not want.

Then they don’t show up in the Agenda if they are flagged.

I was able to turn off the Important Category through gmail.  I set a filter that all emails to me are “never marked important”.

I really wish the new way they are handling categories was optional.

Installed it here.  Must say I’m very happy with the long awaited conversations view.
A question please.  With this Beta version I noticed the font size on mails is very small, how can I enlarge the font?   In my case I use a big monitor with Windows 10 and display scaling to 125%.  All fonts everywhere are properly scaled (lists, groups)  but the font on mails is very small.  I think EM Client V.6 didn’t have this problem.  I have already tried “Settings => Mail => Read => Preferred font for messages”,    but it has no effect.