eM Client 7 BETA launch

I’ll add my voice to be able to turn off labels.  I use POP and have my own categories assigned but they seems to be ignored.  Example, I have an email Gmail has labeled as “Dave” in blue and I re-created my Red in EM to be “Follow” but I do not have a "Dave’. I marked an email as “Follow” (was red) that in Gmail is “Dave” (blue).

When setting up Category display in Global the only color shown is “Blue” and “Follow” isn’t even an option.

We need some way to turn off Gmail labels.

This annoying issue keeps me from fully testing v7 because my v6 database, rules and accounts are quite large and I would like to perform a complete test. Otherwise a serious testing result is quite impossible

We need a bunch of options to turn off features the developers force us to use. Otherwise I feel a little bit patronized, you know!

on conversation view,

  1. if you reply to a message your reply is below the email you are replying to.  is there setting to bring the most recent on on top?

  2. it would be helpful if you could double click on the item were multiple emails are shown with a number (conversation view) and open up all the emails in chron order, no?

To cover this emClient must have “All Mail” in list of Special Folders in IMAP tab on Tools->Account just like they did with Sent/Drafts/Trash/Junk folders.
I hope that they will add this in next beta.

About crashes, it happend to me once after continuing from sleep. I did not investigate further.

With regards to Categories and GMail, is anyone else having issues with eM Client changing the colors of their GMail Calendars. I use multiple calendars in GMail and have each one a specific color that I am now able to quickly scan my calendar and see for what a particular event is scheduled.

I am finding that eM Client is changing the colors that are associated with my calendars in eM Client. These color changes are then being propagated back to GMail and then pushed to my iOS apps. I will correct the color issues, but they will then revert back to the colors that eM Client wants them to be. This happens repeatedly.

Is anyone else seeing this?

Just for reference, I do not use GMail email. I only use GMail for calendar and contacts.

I’ve sent a few emails to the feedback email address, but haven’t heard anything.


Yup. The while gmail label/category association thing is a real mess. Just read through the other comments.

I knew it was causing issues with labels/categories for emails, but hadn’t heard of anyone having issue with it changing the label colors for the calendar.

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I gave up and went back to version 6 for the time being.  They day I installed the Version 7 beta at lunch time, but productivity hit a huge road block.  I don’t think I can go to Version 7 unless they make Gmail Labels optional.

I just got an email with a new version of beta and was asked to see if it resolves the GMail Calendar label issue. I haven’t had the opportunity to install it yet.  - Merg

Can’t speak to calendars but it does nothing to address the numerous email issues. There is no way I can migrate to v7 with the current label/category mess.

I’m sorry, but I have to say that this Beta version looks like an Alpha.  

Dialogs are not scaling properly.  I use a big monitor with 125% scaling and some buttons are not even visible:

Some popup dialogs are unreachable because they disappear when you try to move the mouse to any dialog’s object:

I wonder if it’s true what a user once mentioned: the company doesn’t have enough programming muscle to fix all the crashes and bugs…

I would welcome the opportunity to add frequently used custom rules for sorting messages into the top bar of the main window message list.

Hey McClausky,

This issue should be fixed in the latest beta version.


There is also still no way to set up a default column setting for when you create new folders. Every time you add a new mail folder, you need to re-configure the column layout.

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Hey McClausky,

The scaling issue is within Chromium itself, which for some reason displays 125% scaling as 100%. This issue has been fixed in the newest beta update and the final version shouldn’t have any further problems with scaling.


Hey Merg,

You can apply you favourite column configuration to any other folder by right-clicking the column in your desired folder and applying the config to other folders, for example the newly created folder.


Yes, I know I can do that. However I should not have to do that every time I create a new folder. This is especially true if I don’t create the folder through eM Client. There should be a way to set up a default column configuration within eM Client.

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While I agree with @Merg (strong usability enhancement request) I believe the existing method is adequate (not ideal) provided nothing has changed between v6 and v7.

Hi David.  Where can we download the latest Beta update?    Will this link always contain the latest Beta? :    http://www.emclient.com/blog/good-news-149