eM Client 7 BETA launch

Hi Lauren,
we’re analyzing the file that Robert provided us with but did not find the solution yet.
I’ll post it here as soon as I know something.


I confirm it’s not persistent.

Sorry, I meant: how do I hide all headers  ? (go back to “Show X older mails”)

Thank you!  I customized the toolbar adding “Move to Archive”.

Installed it but now it is telling me my demo is expired — I have Client 6 Pro - full paid version — now I have to buy the program again to have functional email???

Guess you dont’ have a lifetime license, correct? So I assume you will have to buy an upgrade anytime soon. OTH licenses for v7 won’t be yet available.

@Olivia pls. correct me if I’m wrong.

any plans for a windows 10 startmenu tile?

There is one, at least I have one.  Click on START | All Apps | Right Click on eM Client and select Pin to Start

Migration from V6 to V7 keeps failing, stops always during the import of the mail files (approx. 5 GB). How can I fix this?? without my archive folder migrated, V7 is useless.

But this is not a live tile, right?? I was looking for a live tile, that could e.g. show upcoming appointments and the number of marked emails…

Since the company did not advertise such Win10 features for v7, I guess this is not included in the update.
Nor will emClient use those new notifications on the side bar, I bet.

Of course this would be a great feature but other features are too missing that would have making v7 a big deal.

See next posting.

After some testing with v7 beta and its “new” features, I came across those pros and cons so far - still counting, though:


  • Conversation view is OK
  • Email aliases now can have a display name, hopefully any case sensitive e-mail addresses are now ignored within rules - did not check this myself again, have reported this issue long time ago
  • It’s now possible to set up Auto-BCC for each account, do not use this feature, though


  • Toolbar buttons size not adjustable, e.g. small, mid or big
  • Rules still very basic, e.g. no AND/OR conditions
  • Toolbar button for rule execution on account or folder is missing
  • Unread counter on subfolders still not available, which means not propagated to parent folders and above
  • Archiving still very basic, e.g. no customizable folder creation with timestamps, setting of archive time frames is too basic and other features are missing
  • One of my greatest and simplest wish not implemented: a “do not show again” checkbox when rules are applied. Instead of this Minesweeper game, some useful things could have been done

Don’t get me wrong, emClient works for me but as a long time user, I’m missing more (pro) features. I’ve left Thunderbird behind because of missing built-in CalDav/CardDav support and its proper implementation especially when it comes to multiple and different CalDav providers at once. However, the availbility of plugins and its rules and filtering system are way better then emClient ever had.

Unfortunately emClient developers obviously have to spend much time into fixing Google and Outlook issues solely, when watching the forums here, instead of implementing really new features.

So let’s see what v8 will bring to use lifetime licensees…

I installed it, and it looks very nice, however my calendars, which are working fine in Client 6 (Free) are no longer showing up.  The calendar accounts/URIs are there and are correct, but no appointments or tasks from them are showing up.

Same issue here. I even tested setting up a new meeting and it briefly showed in client 7 and then it disappeared in client 7. When I checked the calendar in my browser access (webmail) the meeting was in fact created

Small feature request in general: Can you please rename the setup.exe in the future to something more descriptive, like “eM Client Setup 7.0.x”? That would make it easier for the user to know which file is for what in hid download folder…

Hi guys,
unfortunately there seems to be no colum in the global “Sent”-folder specifying mail recipients. There’s just a “From”-column (which is unnecessary and redundant from my point of view - yes I know, I sent these mails from my own mail-client ;-). I’m badly missing a “To”-column. It’s impossible to sort all your sent mails by recipients. I was wondering if that’s a bug?
Best regards

(emClient 7.x Beta, WIndows 10 Pro)

Yup. I noticed that the To column is missing as being addable for the Sent Mail Folders as well as the Account column for the Smart Folders. It was nice to be able to quickly sort my Smart Inbox by account, if needed or just to see which account the email came to.

@Olivia, is this something that will be fixed in a future release?

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I’m having the exact same issue with my gmail calendar, getting the same message. would love to hear when you figure out what can be done. tnx

How could I change the storage folder? Menu->Tools->Settings->General->Storage does not work as expected.

Sorry but this is a killer for me. I’m looking for something to replace Outlook 2007 and my first requirement is that the email font is easy to read and not too small. I use a large monitor as well.