Downloading attachment (pdf) very slow, ends up with corrupt file


I am trying to download a file attached to an email (pdf, 1MB) which takes minutes and results in a corrupt file.
Worked fine until yesterday.
Any idea how to fix this ?
Is there an option to compress the database ?

Gmail account, IMAP, fast internet connection, low mailbox quota, worked fine until yesterday, same problem today for emails with pdfs that I received previously.
Through Webaccess to gmail I can download the pdf without problems.


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Are you using the current latest version of eMC?

Try temporarily disabling your anti-virus and VPN apps, after doing an eMC BACKUP (Menu > Backup).

If that does not work, try removing the account and re-adding the account, after doing an eMC BACKUP (Menu > Backup).

lunes 06 diciembre 2021 :: 1835hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @mark416

Maybe a stupid suggestion, have you tried rebooting?
1./ eMC
2./ Your computer
3,/ Your router
4./ Is every other online activity still OK?

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Just reporting that I have the same issue, 1.5 years later.

Please right-click in the message body and choose Properties > Repair > Repair.

Once that is done, and the message is downloaded again, can you open the attachment?

Or, if you save the PDF file first, can you open it from Windows Explorer or Mac Finder?

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Hi Gary.

Yes, that solved the problem. I will try and remember this for future issues.

Interestingly, this also fixed the slow download problem, as it opened instantly. Might the two issues be linked?

The repair does for that single message exactly what the advanced parameter option does for the whole account.

Ah, right okay. Good to know.

In that thread, you mentioned it may have undesirable consequences if you set it across the whole account.

I wondered what kind of undesirable consequences might you get by doing this?