Downloading attachment (pdf) very slow, ends up with corrupt file


I am trying to download a file attached to an email (pdf, 1MB) which takes minutes and results in a corrupt file.
Worked fine until yesterday.
Any idea how to fix this ?
Is there an option to compress the database ?

Gmail account, IMAP, fast internet connection, low mailbox quota, worked fine until yesterday, same problem today for emails with pdfs that I received previously.
Through Webaccess to gmail I can download the pdf without problems.


Are you using the current latest version of eMC?

Try temporarily disabling your anti-virus and VPN apps, after doing an eMC BACKUP (Menu > Backup).

If that does not work, try removing the account and re-adding the account, after doing an eMC BACKUP (Menu > Backup).

lunes 06 diciembre 2021 :: 1835hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @mark416

Maybe a stupid suggestion, have you tried rebooting?
1./ eMC
2./ Your computer
3,/ Your router
4./ Is every other online activity still OK?

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