Disable IMAP and SMTP and only use AirSync

I am running EM Client 7.0.x and want to ONLY connect through AirSync. This was possible and worked on EM Client 6.

In the account settings I am unable to deselect the SMTP and IMAP options and so EM Client still tries to sync and fails.

How can I set up EM Client to only use AirSync?

Any ideas are much appreciated!

The question is why do you want that? What problems is it causing? I have enabled all three and it works just great.

Because I can’t get EM Client working with my company email any more. Using V5 I only had AirSync configured and it worked fine. With V6 I cannot deselect IMAP and SMTP and because my company does not support these protocols the sync fails… No email :frowning:

What are the settings for servers and ports for IMAP and SMTP that you have configured?

that’s part of the problem. There are no valid server settings (my company doesn’t support those protocols). The defaults that the setup wizard populates don’t work ( so I left them blank but as I can’t uncheck the boxes for SMTP/IMAP it still tries to sync.

Interestingly the Calendar and tasks sync but email does not

It would be simple to resolve if those check boxes worked - are you able to select/deselect them on your system?

BTW, I am using this workaround to ensure that AirSync/ActiveSync protocol is used. As I said this worked just fine in V5…  By selecting “Outlook” through the new account wizard you are then able to access the AirSync server settings. In V5 you did not have the additional IMAP and SMTP settings that now appear in V6. This is why I want to disable them so that AirSync is the only protocol used


I am using the latest version 7. I set mine up as an outlook account as well so I could then change the settings so it would work with Zimbra. (My ISP’s email server software). I just tried to uncheck  the IMAP and SMTP box in the account General tab settings but as you say it wouldn’t allow me to. You say that you have left the IMAP and STMP server addresses blank which was going to be one of my suggestions. I wonder what would happen if you instead pointed those to your ActiveSync server?

I gave your suggestion a try, but it still fails. I’m pretty sure our mail server is locked down quite hard. Seems like calendar and contacts sync OK but mail looks like it really wants to use IMAP.

I just found this post http://www.emclient.com/blog/what-to-expect-in-em-client-7–imap-support-for-outlook.com-accounts-13…

I wonder if this means that AirSync has been dropped for V7. Could it be that your email is actually syncing via IMAP instead, even though you have AirSync set up? It might just be using that for tasks and calendars?

If you are expecting Contacts and Calendars to synchronize than it’s AirSync that is taking care of that function. IMAP and POP do not synchronize Calendars and Contacts.

Agreed. What I would like to do is have the option to use AirSync for email. Seems like this feature has been dropped in V6 which was the reason I was using EM Client in the first place :frowning:

Check your email account via a web browser and make sure that POP is disabled.  IMAP needs to be enabled in your account for email.  AirSync wiithin eM Client will take care of the contacts and calendars.

  1. Close eM Client (open a browser and log into your email account)
  2. Disable POP (most email servers have it disabled by default)
  3. Enable IMAP
  4. Close the browser
  5. Launch eM Client
  6. View your account information.
  7. POP will have disappeared. You’ll see AirSync IMAP and SMTP 

I think you are right that AirSync is being used for calendars and contacts. The one thing I find extremely odd is that my phone email clients, and I have tried several of them using different operating systems, all work perfectly and set up automatically. I just wonder why eM Client has so much difficulty.

The one thing that may happen is that sent emails may not go to the sent folder. I had to create a rule to copy all the emails I sent to the sent folder. I like eM CLient a lot but there are still some fundamental issues that are unresolved but at least you can work around them.

That is in Menu/Tools/Settings/Mail/Send.  By default, a copy of all your sent emails go directly to your Sent Folder.

Thanks for the suggestions. I can’t make any changes via webmail as this is a company email account I am trying to access.

Without going into all the details I have 2 laptops accessing exchange for 2 separate email accounts for 2 companies (my company and our parent company). It’s a total pain in the neck to use 2 laptops just to access different email accounts. The parent company email is quite locked down  - not even webmail is enabled and I there’s no way I can add that exchange account to Outlook on my main laptop.  

The only solution I found was using EM Client V5 because ActiveSync is enabled by the parent company so that mobile devices can connect. So by using the work-around in the link I posted earlier I managed to get V5 connecting to the parent company exchange server using AirSync/Active/Sync.

Under V6 the calendar and tasks sync just fine as they still use AirSync, but it looks like email will now only use IMAP/SMTP and there is no way to configure it to use AirSync as per the previous version. At least that’s what I think the problem is…!

I am inclined to think it’s the company’s server settings (as you said).  Perhaps an email to the IT department with your intent would be in order. They could setup the server to forward your email to the same account which does work in eM Client.  Just a thought…

Yes. I know these settings are there and I have them set but the copy to sent folder doesn’t work for some reason. Others have had that issue as well.


Can you set up your company account on your cell phone?

yes, that all works fine… which is why a desktop email client that uses AirSync is the perfect solution…

Thanks for the help everyone. Unfortunately our IT department wont help (very large corporation so zero flexibility). Looks like my best bet is to stick with V5 of EMClient…