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Still missing the “X” to delete Mails directly in Inbox. For cleaning up it is so convenient.
All common Mail-Apps (Outlook, IceWarp, GMAIL, GMX…) know this feature.
Except eM Client !
Why do you not adding this simple feature ?
Needing a right click and finding “delete” somewhere of the property box is an old hat



These that you have mentioned are web interfaces, right? eM Client is not a web interface, it is a desktop application like MS Outlook and Thunderbird, neither of which have this feature. I haven’t used MS Outlook in years, so maybe I am wrong, but Thunderbird certainly doesn’t.

This is from Outlook 2016 Desktop App :


" I haven’t used MS Outlook in years " this is wrong. You should know what people like in other tools.

I’m also not an Outlook user. But at least I listen to them…

I am not really that interested in what others like. I am not a developer, so nothing wrong with that.

By the way, I use Evolution a whole lot more than I do eM Client. Do you know much about that application? It has features that you don’t see in most other desktop applications.

Someone just sent me a message to say that Thunderbird does have this as well. :blush:

I guess I missed that, after all those years I didn’t notice it. Just goes to show how unobservant I really am.

Oh, and did you know that the IceWarp Desktop client is really a rebranded eM Client? :wink:

Yes I know that.
“Unfortunately” IceWarp’s weblient is in many points much better then the Desktop Client…

This is the point I was unsuccessfully making earlier; web interfaces and desktop clients are not the same thing. Personally I don’t think it is fair to compare them.

I personally don’t see the need to have an X at the end of the subject as there is already 3 ways to delete emails in EM Client. Del icon on the toolbar, Right click Del on the subject & Del key on your keyboard.

(Re Gmail X to delete)
I see there is a “Bin” icon along the very top of each Gmail subject separate from the Bin icon along the toolbar at the top of Gmail. My bro who is a programmer and gets heaps of emails everyday reckons it would still be a good idea to have a similiar thing in EMC on the Subject too and agrees with @paul.maechler that the X is a (good feature) to add to EM Client as he says its faster to delete emails directly when you are going down the subjects than using the del icon along the top toolbar.


This is one of those features that seems silly and redundant until you actually use it. It allows you to quickly process messages with a single click (you don’t even have to select/open them) and does so with minimal mouse movement.

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Exactly my opinion. I will never switch to eM Client without this feature. It’s just too convenient not to have it.
I have no understanding why eM doesn’t implement it.
It’s really not a big deal to program it.
Every webmail client and every shopping cart of a webshop uses this feature. Except eM Cleint. For me this already borders on stupidity. Or at least stubbornness.


I asked for this feature year ago. From developer point of view, this is quite simple implementation task. I do not undesratnd why it is still not implemented while so many people ask for this… There are so many simple improvementes required but none of them are listened. I would prefer them much rather than any template editor for example. This feature had to be so expensive and is so useless! How many people would really want to edit the eMClient template in contrast of how many people daily deletes tuns of emails and this bin icon would save their time… Love eM Client but this is what I don’t undestand at all. The product owner should think very deeply… In a few seconds, I’m about to open another already massively required feature, this is why I orgininaly came here today. But this ignorance from the vendor makes me really angry.

I really miss this feature as I know it from Outlook and use it there (at work) very frequently. I am currently looking for a new email client and testing the eM client.
The only reason I want to get rid of Thunderbird is because the subject, date etc. can only ever be on one line within inbox. This takes up too much space horizontally. This distribution of information on two lines is very well implemented in the eM Client and I was immediately very taken with it.
Unfortunately, I immediately missed the Delete button. It’s a pity, because if that were to come at some point, eM Client would be an option. But unfortunately not like this.

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I’m at work on outlook all I use to read my 1000 mail a day is [Page Up/Down], [Delete] and [Space] to jump on the next Mail.
The little X you request I’ve never noticed it, but it’s there.

Same boat here. Loved (almost) everything about eM Client and was ready to buy pro. The lack of an inline delete was a dealbreaker for me for Mailbird, and is a dealbreaker for me for eM Client. Sounds like a petty thing at first, until you realize that repeatedly deleting emails is probably the most frequent action you take (meaning me, not necessarily everyone else), and the inline delete is by far the quickest way to do this.

Will come back and look at eM Client again if this gets added as a feature.

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My trial period is ending very soon and I keep finding little but important things missing.

I was surprised as well that there was no inline. I thought I could work with it but it gets tiring if i keep having to right-click or move the cursor up to press delete then back to the emails etc…

I hope this feature gets added.

i switched from outlook as well and really missing this. less clicks, moving mouse around = more productivity. can put it right under hover for flag.

Hm, apparently nothing has happened in this direction yet. Too bad, so emCLient is still not an option.

Just think of it:

  • 10 Mails in your inbox
  • Scattered in those are 4 spam mails you want to delete
  • None of them should load images
  • What do you eM Client guys do?
    Do you yourself use your mail-application?

We are all still using Outlook or Webmail. Nobody really want to switch to eM because of this missing feature.

If this function is not loved by eM, you could disable it in the settings. But I am sure that some developer will fight against it like a defiant boy. For whatever reason.

eM employees apparently do not receive unsolicited mail. Therefore, they never have to delete a mail. Otherwise, this would also annoy the staff.

If eM doesn’t want to sell their software, then let them continue to be stubborn…

By the way : “Favorites” should have its own frame. Other it is not very helpful.