No inline delete or permanent select mode? Seriously?

Really like the clean UI of this app and was ready to pull the trigger on a Pro account until I realized there’s no inline delete button on inbox messages. I see in the forums this feature has been requested since 2014. Why the resistance? Why not make it optional and see if people use it (and see if you get more paid accounts)? For those that do high throughput email, this is a must. “Select mode” could be an option but it’s not permanent. Forum responses to these requests suggested working a different way but I challenge them to process 100 emails with both the eM and one-click delete methods. Confusing.

So you mean to have a eg: “small del bin icon” in the subject line ? If you do, add it onto this exiting thread - Still missing a Delete-Icon in Views - Feature request - eM Client

Curious. How is a select mode different from just holding the ctrl key and clicking on the emails to select, then clicking the delete, or move to junk, or mark, or whatever buttons. I added the move to folder button to the toolbar so I can highlight a set of emails and move them all at once. How would a special key be of any help?

Steve - they are the same. The “select mode” is an option in eM but you have to activate it every time you open the app. Not sure if you’ve run into the issue of accidentally deselecting all messages you’ve selected by not hitting the keys correctly but I do, and it frustrates me. A one-click delete just speeds things up and having a lot of emails to process, it is important to me and clearly is to others. I see respondents to this type of request often give the IT-type response of “why can’t you just do it this way” which is also frustrating.

Yes, thanks, that’s what I mean. Will add it to the thread.

Have you ever tried using Ctrl + Click on a touch screen?

Have you ever tried using Ctrl + Click on a touch screen?

Never even considered that. My touchscreen is an Android tablet and honestly, in that email program, a select box would be helpful. Thanks

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