Clicking the "name" of a Calendar Hides/UnChecks all other Calendars?

Hey there,

Am I doing something wrong? Or is my eM Client acting funny? I have LOTS of calendars tied into eM Client and I love it and how well it works. I have multiple Google calendars, I have iCloud calendars that are mostly shared with family who have Apple devices, I have MS Exchange calendars, etc etc.

Naturally, I have to use the checkbox functionality to show only the primary 50% to 75% of the calendars that are relevant to my day. Others stay hidden. However, on occasion, I might want to temporarily enable some obscure calendar by marking its checkbox. (“Let’s see if Aunt Angela will be free next month” kind of checking)

THE PROBLEM: If I click directly in that calendar’s checkbox, i can easily toggle it on or off. That works. But if I accidentally click ever so slightly out of position and click the NAME of that calendar then ONLY that calendar becomes checked and visible. All other calendars (in my case, 30+ calendars) un-check and disappear. There does not seem to be any way of getting them to all re-appear save for manually scrolling through my list and re-enabling ALL of them individually.

If i’m on a phone call or under some time stress (let’s say I was checking that obscure calendar while attempting to coordinate a flight booking) then it’s a real pain point to have all my calendars disappear. I frantically begin trying to re-enable them, one by one, and if in my haste I click the name of any OTHER calendar, the others all disappear and the whole process of rebuilding starts over again.

Does anyone else experience this? Is there a way to stop this from happening or at least to immediately restore all the calendars I was viewing moments prior if I accidentally click a Calendar Name?

What is this feature supposed to be for? Highlighting one specific calendar? Kind of like the [Windows + D] “show desktop” feature, I get that perhaps… but such a function would need an immediate “restore to what I had moments ago” to be truly helpful. Does that exist?

I have the same problem : (lots of calendar, for multiple activity and context).
I was wondering as you why it works like this!!

I will make a new post to ask for a fonctionnality to on/off a group of calendar at the same time.
i’ll post here the link back here when done if you want to vote for it.

I cannot replicate that calendar issue. eg: I have 2 IMAP Calendars (1 x Gmail & 1 x and clicking anywhere on the calendar checkbox, or even just outside the checkbox, or on the calendar name itself, doesn’t deselect my other calendar. Can you screenshot exactly where you click to get this to happen.

Also what version of eM Client are you running and do you have Windows or Mac.


It does happen as Deviantollam reported in V8.2.1473 if you have a calendar that is unchecked along with some that are checked, and you click on the unchecked calendar’s name.

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if you have a calendar that is unchecked along with some that are checked, and you click on the unchecked calendar’s name

Ok I will retest again with that scenario.


Yes with (that scenario you mentioned) “where you deselect a calendar first” I can replicate that issue still with eM Client V 8.2.1509 Windows. Example below.

(Gmail Calendar selected & highlighted), ( calendar deselected), (Local Calendar selected).


(Then clicked on the word “Calendar” or “On the little space to the left” of my account)

The Gmail and Local Calendar then “both deselected”. Yes some bug / issue in eM Client.



Just a quick question to clarify. Will you be reporting this as an issue or do you want Deviantollam to report it?


Will you be reporting this as an issue or do you want Deviantollam to report it?

Yes I will report this issue.


This behavior is made on purpose, so you can easily switch to a single calendar view. In case you wish to switch between calendars, use the check-box. Also, you can select multiple calendars by shift - left-clicking the first and the last one. This way you may select multiple calendars at once.

then i must ask, is there a similar function to immediately switch back out of single calendar view? because right now this is more of a land mine that hurts users than it appears to be a helpful function to assist users.

but maybe those of us who have tripped over this before are in the minority? i can’t imagine ever needing to hide all but one single calendar.

I do not think it is possible right now, but as I said, you can shift+ left click on the top calendar and then the last to select all of them. Maybe try to adjust the size of the font, so you can click the checkbox more easily? Best regards, Robert