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I use calendar emclient for all my account adresses. This way I don’t miss also work and private birthdays. However, I often notice that if I place the checkbox for account calendar to appear in the mail emclient calendar, after a while when I switch back to mail and again to calendar, that the checkboxes for the other calendars are missing eg. unticked.
In general, I want all calendars for all my accounts running simultaneously, not just the standard account so it is really ONE calendar. This is a feature request,

I’m assuming you’re using Windows.
I couldn’t replicate your issue. In my case, whatever combination I decide to use (ticked and unticked calendars) always stays forever until I decide to modify it. On all of my PC’s.

I’m wondering if you are using a memory cleaning app (a memory optimizer, a system cleaner, a system tuneup, or whatever it would be called) that sweeps your apps cache, including your eM Client calendar settings. Just a maybe. If it is the case, do some testing by removing eMC from the list and rebooting your PC.

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viernes 08 octubre 2021 :: 2351hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @marks

This was recently posted by @Tomas_Karasek who is an eMC Moderator

Maybe this is an explanation?

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Thanks SOG. You might be right. Use both windows and an HP laptop. HP (compared at least to lenovo) is very user-friendly regarding its system tools (e.g system optimizer). I will keep an eye on that.