Certain Messages not downloaded from server

A friend sent me an email message (with an attachment) 
I waited  for it over a day and never received it.
Then I happened to check my email online and found it there along with at least two other messages (one without attachments) that I had not received. Meantime more messages came through eMClient, and I was even able to forward those (unreceived) messages to myself successfully. I very rarely check messages online and rely on eM Client to download all messages sent to me.  Any ideas of what would cause eM Client to miss some messages?

If you search in eM Client for the original message, do you find it?

No, I don’t. And even another  message that I forwarded to myself didn’t get through since I made this post.

If you right-click on Inbox and choose Properties > Repair, this should delete the local message cache and re-sync with the server.

Thank you! That seemed to solve the problem, and the old messages are now uploaded, along with a few others that I had not seen before. I appreciate your help. 

Hello again,
I have had the same problem again at least twice since I tried the solution that you recommended. The last time (yesterday) there were at least two messages that were not downloaded from the mail server, and one message still did not download even after going through the repair procedure several times.

I am wondering if maybe it is part of a conversation, and so is not obvious in your Inbox. If you search for it in eM Client, does it show up?

Yes, in that second instance instance  that is what happened.  I appreciate your insight.
But the first of those two messages only appeared after I ran the repair procedure.

Thanks once again.

I did not ask and you did not say who your email provider is. Maybe someone on the same server has had similar problems.

My email provider is Spectrum (since I have had this same email address from before the buyout, the suffix of my email address address is roadrunner.com) I suppose that it is  is possible that the problem is  with my provider, but I never had this type of problem when I was using Windows Live mail. I switched over to EMClient because Microsoft keeps changing their mail program (first Outlook Express, then Windows Live Mail and now something else).

yep. I get weird things too. often.
given up trying to find solutions.
often get emails, at least daily, where the message says :

I have to restart eMClient to see the msg, and sometimes that doesn’t work either.

and lately I have noticed a count on my Unread smart folder, but all inboxes are empty (and trash etc are all read), I have no idea what folder the unread msgs are in (haven’t found any way to see that). I click on the unread folder and can see the msgs, then they disappear of course.

lots of other issues with eMClient too like not being able to make an email read after a few or minimal seconds (I have tried all the settings). pretty disappointed with this app. Recently did some more research and nothing seems to be better. Might have to go back to cumbersome clunky Outlook, at least it has quick move for Folders.

I don’t even get any notice. If I didn’t by chance speak to someone person who sent a message I would not even know to look for an unloaded message using the web client.

Is there anything in the log? Menu > Tools > Operations.

There are a bunch of logs about synchronizing messages and  synchronizing subfolders
and a few logs about Downloading message part…: and Uploading Messages.
There were no logs that  indicated errors or that looked out of the ordinary.
By the way, The problem recurred today. 
I was able to tell because I receive email notifications about incoming telephone calls, and separate email messages when someone leaves a voicemail. I received the voicemail notification but not the notification of the incoming call. 

I think the issue is with the server as there have been some issues with Spectrum before.

Please see:
https://forum.emclient.com/emclient/topics/send-and-receive and

Spectrum is a known problem (as Gary alluded to above).  Their non-standard implementation of IMAP does not push the message through and therefore eM Client has no idea there is a message.  Your only option may be to set up the account as POP3, which periodically downloads the inbox to the local client.  Or, find a new provider.

Your issue is a bit different than the OP.  I have occasionally seen the Download message appear and moving to another message and then moving back usually clears it.

I’m not sure about your other issues, as I have not encountered any of them.  If you are a pro user, submit a ticket and there usually pretty quick about responding.

I think that you may have hit on the problem.
I don’t believe that I have ever set up my account as IMAP, and when I switched over to EM Client  I was never asked which type of setup I wanted.  I just rechecked my account on the server, and the allocated storage is now almost half full of old messages from years ago. EMClient must have uploaded all of my old messages stored on my PC back to the server.  The way that I had it set up before with POP3, there was a setting  for messages to be retained on the server for a fixed period of time, and I had it set to keep messages  for only a few weeks. Now, I don’t even see such an  option. Before,  switching to EMClient, I was using only about 1% of the allocated storage   I know that IMAP is supposed to have some advantages over POP3 but POP3 worked fine for me. So how do I get back to a POP3 setting? 

Typically, if you use the auto-setup feature in eM Client and the server supports IMAP, the account will be setup as an IMAP account.  The advantage to IMAP is that instead of just downloading messages in the inbox (that’s POP3), it synchronizes  the local database to the server.  This way any changes made at the client level also change the server database.
You cannot change the mailbox from IMAP to POP3, instead you must create a new POP3 account.  Go to menu/tools/settings/accounts and click on the “+” sign to add an account.  Instead of using the automatic setup, select “Mail” and then “Other”
On the next screen, enter your email address and then select next.  Now select POP3.  You may have to contact your email providor to get the appropriate server settings.  After you have verified the accounts is working, you can delete the IMAP account.

When you say that I   cannot change the mailbox from IMAP to POP3, instead I must create a new POP3 account, do you mean that I have to create a new a new email address  (a new account on the server) or do you mean that  just need to a new account in EMClient  with my same Email address (a new account on the Mail client)?  If I have to change my Email address,  I will be quite upset.