Can't configure sound. It want's sonic cineplayer but won't install from my Roxio CD and then hangs em Client when I try to cancel

I’m trying to configure the notification sounds, but it keeps trying to install Sonic Cineplayer. I actually hae the install (msi) for it on a Roxio cd, but eM Client syas it can’t install from that file. It says it wants the folder with the file CPDP.msi, which is wht I pointed it to. When I try to cancel the install (eM Client isn’t smart enough to recognize its own error message and shut down the install attempt), eM Clinet hangs on “cancelling”, and I have to close the whole program from task manager. I’m using Winds 10 Home with build 1709.

Does eM Client work OK with the default sounds?

What is the format of the sound files you want to use?

The format is .wav
In between the automatic mail fetches, I went back into settings and set the inbox and incoming mail back to the default emClient sounds. As soon as it tried to receive an email, the same thing happened. It is still looking for the sonic cineplayer decoder pack, and when I tell it to cancel, emClient hangs and I have to use Task Manager to “close” it.
So, no difference between default and my own sounds.

Are you able to play sounds in Windows?

I can. My sounds on Thunderbird work just fine, and the various Windows functions that produce sounds work, too. If I manually play a .wav or an .mp3 or even, say a .flac file, or if a website has sound, they all work as I would expect them to.

Did you try to reinstall eM Client?

You can either run the install and choose Repair, or uninstall and then install again.

I went the uninstall, reinstall route. What I DID notice upon re-install, is that when I went into setting/notifications to verify that sound was turned on, etc. I noticed that the .wav files I had set some of the sounds to were still listed. I set them BACK to the defaults, and it STILL is trying to install/use Sonic Cineplayer. Apparently, uninstall still leaves breadcrumbs that installation finds and uses.

Yes, uninstall will not remove your database, which includes your settings.

Sonic Cineplayer codecs are not a requirement for eM Client. Playing notification sounds in eM Client and Windows works just fine on a fresh install of Windows 10 and eM Client, without any other software or updates installed. I don’t think the problem is related to eM Client, but has something to do with Roxio which I seem to remember caused some problems years back with other media playback on Windows.

There was also a question in this forum a few years back, with the same problem. No solution was provided but Paul did say it was not an eM Client problem. He did suggest uninstalling Roxio or Cineplayer.

If that does not work, but you could do this anyway, you might want to check for any problems with the registry. The best way to do that is with something like CCleaner. The free version does a pretty good job of fixing registry issues.

Ahh, that makes sense (in a left-handed sort of way). Roxio DOES have some issues on my machine, but I need the parts of that do work - plus I’ve paid for the Paint Shop Pro that comes bundled with Roxio Creator, and unistall will remove that, as well.
I believe I’ve blown away the emClient database, too, and will run ccleaner (I use it all the time - just haven’t run the registry repair part of it for a long while).
So, I’ll do that, re-install emClient, and let you know what happens.
Thanks for your help and support, Gary!

A tip with CCleaner is to run the registry cleaner a few times in succession. Often it finds more issues on the second or third run.

Good tip. I did have to run it a couple times to clear out all the garbage entries from Roxio. I rebooted and ran re-install of em Client, and when it opened, I had no sound (from the client). I went into settings and saw that when the main window is oepn sounds were disabled. I unchecked that - and bam! Windows installer tried to “install” Cineplayer again. This time I at least got a message from Windows itself that em Client stopped working and needed to be shut down. I did and it closed. the installer and the Client. Now I obviously have another working email client (Thunderbird - but, man, do I miss Eudora; alas, it doesn’t work with WIndows any more!), which is how I find your replies, so what I probably will do, is do an uninstall on Roxio Creator again and get its dreck cleaned up, uninstall emClient, clean the registry again, re-install emClient, and THEN, re-install Roxio. OY!

At least so far my brutal removal of Roxio Stuff cleared up the Cineplayer problem when I re-installed eM Client. (I’ll attempt to re-install Roxio in a bit and see what it breaks…) I do have several question, though, that I didn’t find in help and one I did, but I don’t have that option. Anyway:

  1. What format is the backup? Is it in text format? Or some sort of compressed form? And it is stored where? (I have it set to dfo a monthly backup; is there a way I can set it to do the backup on a specific day of the month?)
  2. Help says that smtp has a server settings option, where you can tell the Client to leave emails on the server or not. My SMTP tab does NOT have that option (and I would like to delete them from the server when I’ve downloaded them)
  3. Soounds (again) I was able to set the sounds to the .wav files I wished, and it didn’t break anything that I can see. However, even when set to the default sound in the eM Client directory, it played (and still does) the Windows “Exclamation” sound, which is not the sound I chose. Perhaps when I reboot (since I told eM Client NOT to run at Windows startup.

Sounds promising. (Pun intended)

  1. The backup is a zip file of the C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\eM Client folder. By default it is stored in C:\Users\username\Documents\eM Client. If you go to Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Backup, you can set the location, retention and frequency. If you set the frequency to monthly, it will begin on the day you first set it. But you can change that through Windows Task Scheduler. I just discussed that a few days back at

  2. Your account is either setup as IMAP or POP3. The settings you refer to are only for POP3. IMAP basically stores all the emails on the server, with a copy on your computer. The difference with POP3 is that it stores the emails on your computer, therefore you can have the option to delete them from the server after downloading.

  3. Not sure why you have a different sound to what should be there. The sounds are in C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client\Sound. The default is new_mail.wav and it does sound a bit like the Windows exclamation. Maybe a different key, but similar.


  1. That is workable. (I believe I set the backup directory; the mind is the second thing to go, but I can’t remember what the first is)
  2. True dat. I was misreading the smtp tab for the pop3 tab - which I do not have. I was attempting to configure it as I have Thunderbird configured (I have it set up to use pop3 on my main account) I’d like to be able to do that here, but I don’t have that tab. So, I have another question about this in a minute.
  3. Not sure why it didn’t work, either, but it’s fine, now. When I exitted the app, it still had its icon in the system tray, and it started working. and it is still working - even after re-installing Roxio! So, apparently there WAS something mis-configured with the Cineplayer that the total un-install, reboot and re-install cleared up.
    OY, again.
    That question I said I’d ask - is there a way to AUTOMATICALLY move the account (strueb’s email) inbox to my local inbox? I can do a move from the menu bar, but that is a manual effort. No biggie, I admit, but it’s a “Hey; this would be nice!” thing.
    Again, thank you so much for your help! That’s service over and above the call of reason…err…duty.

You need to select either POP3 or IMAP at the time of setting up the account. It cannot be changed afterwards without first deleting the existing account and then creating it anew.

Because you have your account setup as IMAP it is not possible to move the location of the Inbox to local folders. What you could do, and what you have done with the move command, is to move the emails from one folder to another. This can be automated with a rule moving all incoming email to a specific folder such as Local/Inbox. But then that defeats the purpose of IMAP; there is no point in using IMAP if you are just moving everything to local folders. Also, your sent items will remain in the IMAP folders unless you create a rule to move them to local folders. Your drafts also. So it is complicated. Unless you need to sync your email, calendar and contacts among other devices, POP3 is a better option for you.

Ahh, Thanks. (When I set up my gmail accouont here, too, I’ll have to see whether I CAN set it up as POP3.) Appreciate it, Gary.

I pasted the setup for POP3 in this conversation if you get stuck.…

Thanks, Gary. I Added my “carpe” account as a POP account, and deleted the old “carpe” IMAP account. I tried to configure according to my provider, and in spite of it saying it had a configuration for SSL/TLS, I couldn’t get it to work. But I got the standard setup working (and even THAT one required a different port for SMTP) :wink: My second account, GMAIL is confifured, I assume for IMAP, and it works fine. There actually is a reason I left GAMIL as IMAP, too. I use it (mostly) as a spam trap.
In any case, it appears that everything is working, and I have my monthly backup set to the first of the month. So, I’m good, and I don;t think I’ll have to hassle you any more! Take care, sir!

Happy everything is working for you.

Well, it’s your bad penny turning up again - with exactly the same issue as previously only this time from an uninstall of Roxio NXT Creator Pro 6. Same sequence of events. Same result - those Sonic Cineplayer Decoder pac error messages. 
Now, I;ve gone through and ensured that my accounts are set properly (POP3 for carpe and IMAP for gmail - which, incidentally, semi-consistently get connection errors, but I think they’re mostly on gmail’s end…). 
So, since it’s been 4 months and I obvioously knew more then than I do now, walk me through this. I unistall em Client via WIndows add/remove programs (or whatever WIN 10 calls it). Then, I need to download/install it from the website? What about the key I was given? 
(just for giggles and grins, you may be interested to see what I just sent Roxio concerning their piece of work…):
"Hi, Francis;

I’ve uninstalled as you directed me to do. There were a number of folders, etc. that were not present, as you said they might not be.

However, after the final folder removal (the one removing from C:\Program Data…) and the subsequent reboot, I am getting the following error message(s) as you can see in the attachment. This tries to run every time I reboot, and it also hangs my email client (why emClient would want to use the cinepac I have no clue) as well. Eventually the installer says it has failed, and I can then actually close it, and when the installer tries to run again, I can cancel it and it apparently stays cancelled. (I will send a copy of this email to the support people at emClient, as well, because obviously SOMETHING got clobbered when I uninstalled Roxio.

This program suite has been a fustercluck since the word go; I thought NXT 5 was bad; NXT 6 is no better. When the suite works, it seems to work well (though why I can’t burn .flac files to CD/DVD is another mystery beyond me), but I am almost ready to say, chuck this piece of work and give me my money back.  But the unistall has broken something else, and I suspect the only way I’ll get rid of those errors is to re-install. You have me over a barrel, sir, and I am NOT pleased.
So, help me get NXT 6 installed properly, and I will be forever grateful."

Thank you!