Cannot create or edit distribution lists in em client V9

I use an email address.

Since updating to version 9.0.1708, I am unable to create or edit distribution lists. It comes up with the following error:


Is this:

  1. An issue on the Outlook side - i.e Microsoft?

  2. An issue with eM Client?

  3. eM Client wanting me to upgrade to the pro version?

Any advice or help would be appreciated.



To create a distribution list: MENU > NEW (click down-arrow) > Distribution List

To edit: Select the distribution list from the contacts list, select the entry you wish to edit… note that it appears as if your only option at this point would be to add or delete.

I have the same problem. I cannot add to or create a new distribution list. I have the same error with a hotmail ( outlook ) account.

Unfortunately you can’t create distribution lists with accounts setup using IMAP/AirSync.

It wasn’t possible in version 8 either. In version 9 we provide this unsupported feature popup so you don’t go through all the effort of creating a list, then finding it fails after you save it.


Unfortunately you can’t create distribution lists with accounts setup using IMAP/AirSync

Will distribution lists work with Outlook accounts if configured as an eg: Exchange account?

Yes. Setting up the account as Exchange will allow you to create distributions lists on the server.

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Sorry I disagree. I could happily maintain a dist list before my upgrade to 9.0.1708.
Not too sure what you mean by 'we provide this unsupported feature…then finding it fails!".

If it fails, you don’t provide it !!

Please reread what I wrote; "we provide this unsupported feature popup.

You can disagree, but distribution lists are not possible with an account setup with AirSync. This was true in version 8, and it is true in version 9. We just added the warning to let you know it is an unsupported feature.

All I can say is it must have been an undocumented feature for version 8 as I have been updating dist lists for the past year. Also my airsync issues have reappeared with the updated version.

No, it was not possible in version 8.

Maybe you had the account setup as Exchange, or you did not save the distribution list on the server.

This doesn’t work. I still get the unsupported feature message.

Yes, because distribution lists are not possible with an account setup with AirSync.

I created a new distribution in version 8 12 months ago with no problems. I very rarely log on to my hotmail account directly and have not made any changes to the account protocols or settings.

It is simply a case of …it used to work and now it doesn’t.

I have spent hours trying to create distribution lists by using and exporting. It doesn’t work.

I cannot create a brand new distribution list without external application. It doesn’t work.

Bottom line…it used to work, but doesn’t now

No, it never worked in 8 because the feature wasn’t supported there either.

We are going round in circles. I know it did.

No, it didn’t work in 8. We just never had the popup to tell you it wasn’t supported.

The list could initially appear to be saved if the folder hadn’t synced, but was never uploaded to the server. So later it vanished

Probably you were not using AirSync, or you saved the DL in another location.

I have created a DL and used the DL throughout the past year. It didn’t disappear from my client ( it is not uploaded to my server either ) and I have not intentionally saved it elsewhere. I think we’ll have to agree to disagree. I haven’t changed account settings.

What should my setting be ? IMAP Airsync, POP ?

If I use Outlook, I logon using the URL as the app wants Office365.

If it is not saved to the server, it is not synced with Therefore no problem.

This thread is about the problem of syncing the DL with, which is not possible when using AirSync.

So why cannot i not create a brand new DL ? Forget about the syncing.