Can I exclude certain/subfolders from syncing?

Recently my place of work migrated to Gmail; using the webclient has become most painful, so turned to eM client based on a few recommendations.

So far it seems great! My only issue is that I’d like my inbox (and sent items) to sync ever 3 minutes. While I can set an overall sync at this time, I am looking to ONLY sync my inbox rather than my (many, many) subfolders - this forces eM client to constantly sync as it takes time to go through each folder.

Any help would be great!

eM Client doesn’t support synching of only certain specified folders.

However, it has been asked more in this forum, so who knows, maybe one day it will be implemented.

Thank you. Have there been any issues with Gmail locking accounts due to the requests/syncs that eM client makes to their mail server? Not sure if they put some sort of limit that I should watch out for.

Hi, Google itself limits maximum connections from one IP and also it has time limit for maximum number of synchronizations.

If you will set in Tools - Settings - General - General - Synchronization “Synchronize items every … minutes” to 10 and more minutes it should help you with this problem.


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Hi all. Just downloaded and installed em client and after an initial ‘wow! I have found the holy grail of what I have always been looking for in a mail client’ I have now bumped into this same problem and it is a complete deal breaker for me. I really, really love the program and as far asI can see it is the only mail client that does everything I need and want. However, me too, I have a folder structure in my inbox with thousands and thousands of mails in dozens and dozens of subfolders. 95% of these subfolders have a fixed content, they never change (archives), but em client keeps wanting to synchroize all these mails and folders at every sync!! this takes ages each time and even caused the program to freeze and/or crash. I only need it to sync inbox/sent items, nothing more. all the other folders only one time sync at installation and than maybe once a month to update. Very sad to see this as really liking the program, but this does not function like this.

Hi Rogier,

I move my processed e-mails from my inbox to ‘project’ or ‘reference’ related folders under the ‘local folders’. In this way, the number of e-mails in my inbox stays (relatively) small.

I’m using POP3.

If you would use IMAP, I guess the e-mails on your e-mail server would be removed if you set it up like I have… :frowning:

I have GMAILFS on one linux server. It use gmail imap as filesystem :slight_smile: This folders I do not have synchronized …