Body text appears as attachment?

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It sounds like this emClient bug was reported over 3 years ago.  Is there a workaround? And if no, Why not?  Have the eM Client developers ignored the issue.  

All arguments that it is an Apple problem are nullified by the fact that all other mail clients including Live Mail, as tested today, have no problem. 


Glad to pass this torch to someone else, but to answer your question, I have not found a workaround.

Whenever I notice a discussion of eM Client I’m quick to insert that the application has a huge, gaping problem with any mail from Apple systems, but pointing it out provides no satisfaction.

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Thanks for the info.  But since you still have the problem as does everybody else,  I don’t see why we all can’t carry the torch!   If everybody speaks up, well numbers speak volumes.  

BTW, do you happen to have access to a machine, or know somebody running Outlook?  Since it has been fixed in Live mail, I’m wondering if MS fixed it Outlook as well?   Anybody know?

I will raise a support ticket, but would like to hear from others.  The more the merrier.  

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Hi Allan,

I reported this issue a few weeks ago, but the official “eM-Answer” seems to be, that this issue is (?) fixed in newer Versions of Apple Mail… 


Hi Fritz,

Thanks so much you for the reply.  It is great news.  Although, pessimistic as I am, I’m very much in doubt.  

I really can’t see why Apple would change anything in their software to appease a very small private company like eM client.  As it would appear the problem does not exist in any other email client, (even the big ones), I would anticipate an eM Client fix.   

Come on Apple! Come on eM Client!

One thing is for certain, if it becomes ‘fixed’; I, and hopefully other eM Client users will become happy. ;-) 

I again thank you for this new information! 

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Hi Allen,

You seem to be very disappointed about that issue…
here is my post, to which you already did post a reply  :-)

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Hi Fritz,

Until you just pointed it out, it didn’t click with me that your post on the other thread was related.    It most certainly is.   My situation thus far is a slimmed down version of what you reported.  I send a picture from one of our apple devices and get 2 attachments, and no body.

I believe eM client should, at very least show the body of the email as email and any pictures, embedded or not,  as attachments.  This would at least put them in the company of a few others.  

Some email clients seem to support the pictures embedded, while other list them as attachments whether the sender embedded them or not.   

After reading through the forum, for the most part, it would seem that eM Client stands alone when it comes to showing the body of the message as an attachment.   I haven’t done the extensive testing you have, nor do I think it necessary to repeat what’s been already done.   I believe forum hearsay is truly reliable enough.   

I did ask if someone with access to newer Outlook email, or access to someone that does, to retest the scenario again.   It was previously reported that both Outlook and Live mail exhibited the problem.  And I just tested Live Mail 2012 ( build 16.4.3528.0331 I believe their last build), it doesn’t show body text as attachment.   So perhaps, Microsoft fixed it in both applications.

As of 2016, there is over 1 Billion Active apple devices around the world.   I still love my windows based PC, and I run a Linux based NAS, but we also have 3 Active apple devices in our home.  

It’s good to hear you chime in on this thread again.  Thanks!   I was hoping to hear from some more users.  I wish this forum had a “Me Too” button that tallied up all users experiencing the discomfort of this issue.  

 I hope to compile a grand list of email clients that don’t show the body as an attachment.  And of course, any that do like eM client.  The latter list might only be 2.  And then somehow support it with a strong showing of hands from the user base.

Perhaps, providing such a grand list and some user voices would  convince the eM Client Executive board that protecting their brand is first and foremost. That means fixing problems with their product trumps new development,  thus empowering their developers to bump the fix up in priority such they could show some obligation in the form of a proposed near-future fix date.  
With all due respect to eM Client, when things go quite, understandably, things fall under the radar.  And when looking at the postings in this thread, most are 2-3 years old. Until recently!  I just chimed in on this thread, and your thread began last month. And David on both.   As of now, we have 3 voices.   I have to wonder if some of the other users on previously on this thread have moved on to other email clients?      

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I have the same issue and it is killing my loyalty to em client which I have used happily for almost 2 years…  Please fix this! 
My guess is the html encoding is not supported by chromium?  I have tried a few mail clients, even older versions of Em Client, such as mailbird and thunderbird and they all load the sender’s emails just fine.  Only Em Client seems to struggle with this, creating “unnamed attachments.htm” for the emails. 

When i open that attachment, the web browser loads the full email, including the forwarded text which would otherwise be hidden in em client.  Can you please advise when this will be fixed?

I’m using gmail for my mail server.

Unbelievably, after looking for similar reports of the problem I’m having, I see this is still an issue after SIX YEARS! My sister uses Apple Mail and she sent me an email recently which contained a few lines of text and a Microsoft Word DOCX attachment.
emClient stripped out the text and just showed it as an attachment which displays the Chrome logo when I hover over it - often these are just mini-graphics containing bits of signature blocks so I didn’t bother opening it. Later I discovered that there was actually text in there, because my PHONE (and then when I checked, also WEBMAIL) Gmail clients had managed to display the text correctly without shoving it into an attachment, so the idea that this is some Apple problem is just farcical - it’s clearly a problem with the way emClient is parsing the contents of the email. It might be Apple’s fault for doing it a dumb way, but if every other client can manage to decode it correctly and show the text, and emClient still can’t after 6 years, that’s pretty poor show IMO.

Not every other email client; I see this regularly when using Thunderbird and even on Evolution.

Why should every software developer have to separately fix Apple’s inability to play nicely with global messaging standards? Rather fix the problem at the source.

“Rather fix the problem at the source.” I’ll tell Tim Cook to do that when I see him tomorrow. Thanks for the sterling advice.

Don’t mean to be snide, but this is not a matter of what’s fair or right. If you pursue that line you’re doomed. The software world is filled with inequity and inefficiency and worse.

It’s a matter of thinking of the user and making your application useful to them, and eM Client has never really explored that obscure concept.

And btw, I occasionally use Thunderbird and have never observed this happen in any version.

I was involved in a long conversation on this exact topic on a Thunderbird list. It definitely is not imagined.

I don’t mean to be snide, but why can’t Apple just consider others? I know they think there is nothing beyond Cupertino, but there really is a whole wide world out there that does not use their devices or apps.

FYI, if you travel back up this thread I posted an example of a perfect display in Thunderbird that is totally wrong in eM Client. I, personally, have never seen this problem in Tbird.

But again, you ask “why can’t Apple just consider others?” It’s a fair question, but no one you or I know can answer it. I do NOT like Apple or its products, but I happen to work in a world where a lot of people DO, and rather than bang my head against a wall and scream “why?” at the heavens, I would suggest that developers just fix Apple’s shortcoming. Pretty much ALL DO, and ALWAYS HAVE, BUT NOT eM Client.

Gary, 10% of the planet uses Apple stuff, and I would guess pretty much everybody receives some emails from Apple machines from time to time. It’s pointless to moan that software developers shouldn’t have to sort out Apple’s mess, because Apple aren’t going to fix it - so anyone who wants to sell software that has to receive messages from Apple machines AND ACTUALLY DISPLAY IT PROPERLY has to work out how to fix it in their software or people won’t buy their software. Those who succeed in fixing it in their software will get the sales. Most if not all others seem to be able to manage it, why can’t emClient? 

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eM Client is now available free to the Apple crowd, so maybe that is the company’s way of fixing the Apple problem. :wink:

Hahahahahaha! That would be a nice try, but the reason most people seem to buy Apple stuff is they don’t know much about computers and just want everything set up for them by the shop, so of course they just use Apple Mail. Those who understand enough to be able to install a new email client, are probably capable of adjusting the way they use Apple Mail so they don’t send out the kind of emails that get broken when displayed in clients like emClient. So the knowledgeable minority could fix it themselves and the rest will just sail on regardless and expect everyone to magically be able to read their broken nonsense :o)

I gotta say something favorable about Apple; their hardware is spectacular. Nothing wrong with buying an Apple and installing Linux! 

I’m afraid I must strongly suggest that you research that. I _really, truly_ don’t want to get into an Apple discussion, but for technicians, their hardware, particularly over the past few years, has been an unholy nightmare. As I say, I won’t continue on this, but if you’re curious, you might want to look up the Youtube videos of Mr. Louis Rossman. You can hear people argue back and forth about this, but seeing with one’s own eyes how deficient their hardware has become is startling. Sorry for this digression - promise, I’m done.

Thing is, I have a MacBook Pro running Ubuntu just fine. That is where I usually use Evolution for my messaging :wink:

And imagine the spectacular PC you could buy with the amount of money you have to pay for an Apple computer! :o)