Body text appears as attachment?

I understand that this is a difficult problem to fix, but I think you’ll have to address it. At some point when word gets out that eM Client cannot handle Mac mail consistently, that’s the end of it. While Mac use remains in the minority, in many fields it is the preferred platform.

The other factor is that sometimes the mails do not break up, but it is not clear which, or why. The situation is too random for an application that wants to be taken seriously.

And as I say, if an old, obsolete mail application has no problem with these mails at all, you’ve got to be doing something wrong…

Sorry, but at a certain point this is simply a liability for your software.

please understand that this is not about difficulty, but about Macmail not being able to send emails properly, I understand that users do not care about that and they just want to see their emails without problems, but we cant repair something that is not broken in eM Client.

This is issue which must be addressed by Apple, same like Yahoo did with their IMAP authentication servers (at least partly).


I am not trying to give you a hard time, believe me, and I’m grateful for your help. But although the problem may stem from Apple’s poor, closed-source practices (I’m no fan of their practices in general), my criticism is that everyone else seems to have figured out a solution long ago, somehow.

I see, problem is that not everyone was able to figure it our, Outlook has this problems also.

Anyway this issue has been reported before and it is logged, so it will not be forgotten and in the future maybe we will find solution to this.


Thank you!

you are welcome.


If the problem is now being reported and tracked, maybe this topic should not be tagged as “Not a Problem” :slight_smile:

It’s a very significant problem and should be tagged as such. I’m thankful for the promise that “in the future maybe we will find solution”, but until that time it remains a problem, so it should not be mistaken for something that has been solved.

It is tagged like that because it is not problem on our side, other email clients for Windows has problems with this too.
Why should we try to repair their fixes when we have no access to Mac mail source code, it is nearly impossible.


You can’t fix Mac Mail, but you should be interested in making eM versatile and attractive to all users, including those receiving Mac mail messages. The problem may not be yours, but making eM as flexible and as fault-tolerant as possible will make it more attractive to your customers.

Further, you keep saying that other Windows email clients have problems with this. You mention Outlook. Can you tell me another? Because I have tried as many as ten others with this, including several small-scale freeware clients, and they DO NOT HAVE THIS PROBLEM. How do they do it? Is it magic? Did Apple give Mozilla access to its code, or Opera, or Postbox, or Pegasus, or The Bat!, or… (how many of your competitors do you want me to name?)

I am sorry, but we will not held ourselves responsible for other email clients not following standards.
eM Client is keen on standards and we very rarely implement something which does not follow them.

We of course know about this and we would like to repair it, but it will take time.


Is there any update on this issue?

In emails that we receive from iPhones the email signature shows up as an unnammed attachment. We are using the lastest version of the IceWarp Desktop Client which is written by you. The IceWarp Webclient shows the signature in the message body so it is working fine. I tested this email in our old email client Chaos Software’s Intellect and it displays the email signature properly.

This is from the email message source and I don’t understand why it does not show up in the message body as it is clearly marked as plain text.

Content-Type: text/plain;
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit

Sent from my iPhone

Seems like a related thread has opened up elsewhere here:

This happened with eMClient on Windows, but doesn’t happen to these sane emails on any of my ANDROID devices’ email apps - and they certainly aren’t APPLE) or Verizon).

Hi Robert, the issue may not occur with every single eM Client as it is caused by improper (not supported) message formatting that some applications may have worked around, however we believe this should be fixed on the sender’s side as it is caused due to using unsupported formatting.

We’re working on a possible work around for future releases.

Thank you for understanding,

Paul, with all due respect, when you say “this should be fixed on the sender’s side” do you know what you are saying? These are mails that come from Apple computers, using Apple mail or iOS on the iPhone. Are you suggesting that to fix this problem, people must stop using Apple products? Please let me know how that works out for you! I appreciate that you are working on this very obvious problem for eM Client.

No David, sorry for the misunderstanding, by that I’ve meant that it is defined by the email client from which the email was sent, so the issue has to be fixed within the software. This is not in any way connected to the company people use apple products in.


Yes, Paul, I understand you. To put it very plainly, I am saying that if eM Client is in a disagreement with Apple Corporation, Apple Corporation wins. Sorry. They may be wrong, but there are many more people in the world using Apple products, whether by choice or because of the environment they are working in, than are using your product. You are in England making a car with the steering wheel on the left and saying the country should change its roadway system. Perhaps that makes the point clearer.

Thank you for your constructive criticism, I’ll make sure to take your thoughts in account while resolving this issue.