Body text appears as attachment?

eM Client 6, but this happened with eC5: someone sends me mail with an attachment from a Mac or iPhone (I think this only happens with mail from iOS, but I’m not certain), body of the mail is empty, attachment available as normal, but body text is also a small attachment. Do you recognize this, or would pictures help? And what’s it about? Thanks.

I have seen this also, with mail from only one person who is using a Mac. In one case it was only the text that was below some quoted text that appeared in the attachment. Very strange.

Hi, is this happening with more than one person who is sending you emails? Or is this issue no longer present (I am not sure if I have understood first sentence of your description correctly)?


More than one person, still happening. Easiest way to explain is with a picture. This is a BCC I automatically have sent to my account whenever I mail someone from my iPhone. I’ve sent a guy a photograph. The “unnamed attachment” to the left (which I’m not posting a picture of) is the automatic signature attached to every mail I send from the phone. That made up the body of the mail. As you can see it opens as an ordinary Windows text file. This screen shot happens to be of an iPhone mail, but I’ve had the same experience with mail sent from ordinary desktop macs. It would just take me too long to find and post. If nec. I can. Thanks.

I was able to quickly find another example, slightly different. In this example, which was sent from a desktop Mac, there is some body text. There’s also an attachment (MS Word doc) and the “unnamed attachment” to the left (again, not posting a picture) is this person’s signature, which in this case opens as an HTML file, but appears to be simple text. Hope this helps.

I have seen it only on mail received from one person, who uses a Mac (and probably not the latest version of the Mac OS). I have seen it on two occasions on mail received from this person.

Could you send me one or two of these emails to [email protected] with this topic’s url in the subject?

I need to have something “real” to send it to developer.


Message sent.

I also sent the two mails above. Hope it helps.

I have received those emails and I have forwarded them to developer, I will not await response.


I have received emails form you but regarding of other issue. Have you sent emails with this issue too?


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More evidence that eM Client cannot handle Mac Mail.

This is pretty bad. I’m pasting two screen shots below. They are the same mail in Thunderbird (top) and eM Client. They were forwarded from a Mac. Note that in the Thunderbird (correct) version there are sections divided by horizontal lines, and there are five attachments.

In the eM Client version, note that the mail is blank below where the first horizontal line would appear. There are five attachments, but then there are additional “unnamed” attachments. These open as HTML files and they are the text that appears in the body of the properly rendered mail.

This is extremely unsatisfactory. Thank you for looking into it.

So I have merged it because developers confirmed that this is same issue,

Anyway it is not possible to solve. Mac mail sends emails party by part and it is not possible to show them at once, so we show only first one and rest as attachment.

Same procedure for emails sent from Mac mail is used by Outlook so we are not alone in it.

So this issue is on Mac Mail’s side not on eM Client’s.


Yes. Sent on 10 Jan. I can resend if you didn’t get it.

This is not a good answer. Just because it doesn’t work on Outlook doesn’t justify not fixing it. Messages display correctly on Thunderbird, gmail webmail, Mac and iOS devices, so obviously it is possible to fix it. Please reconsider.

I have to agree. I use a version of Eudora that is more than 15 years old when I need to, and it handles these mails just fine. So to give up and say that it is not do-able does not seem like an acceptable answer.

Hi, this is not on us, there is nothing we can do about it. This has to be solved by Apple as we cant do anything about their email client.


I would go with you on that thinking if this were a problem for any other client. With all due respect, though, the problem isn’t Apple’s…

As I say, it renders properly on an ancient, ancient, primitive client, and every kind of free one you can imagine. In fact I’ve never seen this anywhere but eM Client. Anyone else?

I don’t think that would suggest to Apple that THEY need to fix anything. Just saying.

I agree with David. And regardless of whose problem it is, it’s in YOUR interest to fix it for your product to be compatible with Apple mail users. I doubt if Apple cares if they are compatible with eM!

I am sorry but there is really nothing we can do, otherwise we would be working on it already.