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The most important function for daily productivity is the preview of attachments (jpg, word, excel, powerpoint, pdf) IN the body of the email (and NOT in a window or a third-party application) with ONE click.
Is this possible with EM? Until this is possible there will be little point in using EM.


We display previews for images only.

All other file types you will need to open in the appropriate application to see them.

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Thank you for your reply.
Shame .
So EM is not competitive enough in a work environment where you receive dozens of attachments a day.
Even opening attachments in a third-party window is of no interest because it is similar to opening the specific application…
Only opening in the mail window with a single click is competitive

So EM is not competitive enough in a work environment where you receive dozens of attachments a day.

eM Client viewing of attachments works perfectly fine for me and all my business associates and companies I help out who get miles of different type of attachments every day.

As @Gary says you just need to install the appropriate attachment viewing software.

It is unreasonable to expect an email application to natively open files from every other computer application. That is not its purpose.

You can use a zip application to compress and transport account package files between computers, but it can’t open those accounting files iself. So is it fair to say there is little point is using the zip application until it can open the accounting package files?

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I do not understand.
There are two mail clients that do this.
Outlook and Foxmail 7.0.93.
You can view word, excel, pdf, powerpoint and jpg IN the main window of the mail with a single click

I do not understand.
The goal is not to multiply the clicks by opening acrobat, word, excel and powerpoint and an image viewing app.
But to preview all these formats in the mail window of the mail client

There are two mail clients that do this.

Microsoft then may have built in their own custom attachment viewers within Outlook for their own Word, Excel, & PowerPoint programs they wrote themselves.

eM Client doesn’t write those type of Outlook viewers built-in. Microsoft might have them possible down the track as an eg: API for other developers to integrate to other mail clients outside Microsoft. Who knows.

You would need to ask Microsoft directly about that.

Acrobat PDF files opens perfectly in eM Client already with Adobe acrobat reader installed in eM Client or the pdf reader built into Edge in Win 10 / 11.

I open pdf and jpg & Office files using eM Client with the default stuff built in Windows & Libra Office for free unless you already own office, but you can obviously install other advanced readers and jpg viewers etc optional apart from the OS.

Thread on the topic


As @Gary posted in the thread above.

Only some attachments like images and eml files are previewed in-line. That means the attachment will be displayed below the message text.

Some others like PDF and HTML files only give a small thumbnail preview when you hover the mouse over the attachment.

There is no indication as to whether all attachments will be previewable inline in the future

But you can preview in the mail window all pdf,word, excel, poverpoint, jpg with the «old» Foxmail 7.0.93 (impossible with the recent version, you must open a separate Foxmail window) and it is very usefull

But you can preview in the mail window all pdf,word, excel, poverpoint, jpg with the «old» Foxmail 7.0.93 (impossible with the recent version, you must open a separate Foxmail window) and it is very usefull

Ok. Suggest to also then add your post of this to the above thead (preview and print attachments) on that topic which your comments included.


I don’t find issue when it comes to amount of clicks to open an attachment for preview. If I want to open a single attachment, I just double-click that attachment and it opens in the appropriate application and displays it. If I want to open all the attachments in a single email, I just right-click on one of the attachments and then click “Open All Attachments”. I do admit it asks you “Are you sure you want to open all attachments” every time, which I don’t like. It would be a nice addition if it would allow you to remember your selection, just like it does if you open a single attachment by double-clicking. Please add that feature suggestion.

In addition to the above you can select “Attachments” to see only a view of all the attachments, and select “Card” view type to see small previews of certain file types (mostly images). Two features I would like to see added if it is not already possible is to limit the attachment view to only a specific folder and sub-folders. Currently I can’t see how to do this, you can only limit to “Incoming” and “Outgoing” for an IMAP email account. Secondly, it would be nice if you selected multiple attachments you had the option to “Open All”, currently it only seems to open one file if you select multiple files in the attachments view and select open.

So in most instances it takes two clicks to preview an attachment, or a mouse over for very small thumbnail preview window for certain file types (such as images). If you were doing a quick window preview, it would still take two clicks, one for selecting the attachment, and two hitting a button (such as “space bar” like Mac OS X uses) for a quick thumbnail preview. The only difference is it opens in a email window, rather then the application window, but some applications (like Adobe) support tabs when you open multiple files which is nice for flipping between files to preview. The first time it opens up the application window you can position and size it how you like, and it will open in that same size and location the next time you open an attachment (at least in Windows OS it does). So what I tend to do is set the application to open in another monitor (and use tabs for multiple files) at a specific size, that way it allows me to preview multiple files in an application easily using two clicks.

I just wanted to add my vote to the feature of attachments previews here as well.

This is a realy important feature with I use daily in outlook and actually right now the only reason I have not deciced to change form outlook to em client yet.

The workflow is much easier and faster.

I would love to get a feedback of the em client team if such a feature is on the to do list and if so, when it might be implemented.

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Not really… Other clients offer this and we are only talking about a few generic formats. I do not need .stp files or any other strange formats to be seen in preview…

of course. In my email app I can view all attachments jpg pdf word excel powerpoint in the email window in one click without going through the third party app. This is a huge time saver in a working day.