Archive Function Seems To Be Disabled

Hello, I’m using eM client with an Exchange Server. I’m trying to Archive messages in my inbox so they move to the Archive folder. The user manual suggests that there is supposed to be an Archive button (and an associated keyboard shortcut) but there is no Archive button in the toolbar, and the shortcut doesn’t work, it’s as though Archive has been disabled. Any advice?

The button should be there.

If it is not, right-click on one of the other icons and choose Customize, and move the icon to the right column.

it’s activated in the customize box but is not in the toolbar. see screenshot.

Yeah, I don’t know about the Mac version, sorry Reuben.

Anyone else have any thoughts on why “Archive” doesn’t work on my Exchange account? It’s like that functionality has been disabled, or the client doesn’t see the “Archive” folder or something. I can manually drag a message into the “Archive” folder, or use the “Move to Folder” function, but without a single keystroke way of moving a message from inbox to archive, the client isn’t a viable option for me.

In version 7, the archive option would only be available if the server supported it. Maybe it is still the same in version 8.

I have the same issue with the missing Archive button for Exchange accounts. It’s there for other accounts but not when I switch to my Exchange account. This has been the case now from version 7, version, 8, and now still unresolved in version 9.

A handful of various other clients both on desktop and mobile all support the server-side archiving for this account as expected.

The Archive button is server dependent. If the server doesn’t support it, it won’t be displayed in eM Client.

Do you know who hosts your account and what Exchange version they use?

No I’m not positive of the details. I don’t doubt there is server related component here, but on literally every other competitor app I’ve tried on desktop or mobile the Archive button/swipe actions works exactly as expected for this account.

EM Client is the only company that is either completely stumped or indifferent to this. As others have mentioned, without the ability for one-click archiving it fails as a replacement for Outlook since it adds too much time to one of the most common parts of many people’s workflow.

It obviously doesn’t affect everyone with an Exchange account, but it’s not unheard of either. Just in the forum you can find the following threads all from people with this same issue. For me this is now the 3rd paid major release in which this hasn’t been addressed.

It’s frustrating that this remains an issue since it’s the one thing that prevents me from using it all the time, rather than just when I can’t find something in Outlook or one of the other competitors where this functionality exists and just works out of the box. Thanks anyway for responding.

With Exchange, the server needs to announce that there is a special archive folder. If the server doesn’t say there is one, we don’t display the button.