Moving email to a specified online folder

Except for spam, I never delete any emails. Instead, I move them to an archive folder (MS Exchange). Can I set up a keyboard shortcut to do that? “Move to folder” is clumsy since it always asks for the destination folder, which is unnecessary here (it’s always the same folder).

No, but you can use the archive feature.

Ctrl+Shit+A will move the selected message to the Archive folder on the server.

Or even the Archive button, if that is easier:

Thank you. However, I do not have an Archive button. I seem to understand that it’s not supported for MS Exchange accounts. Also, Ctrl-Shift-A seems to do nothing (not even an error is raised).

A possible workaround would be to create a rule. But can a rule be assigned to a shortcut (or to a button)?

No, a Rule cannot be assigned as a shortcut or button.

This form of archiving is certainly available with Exchange accounts in eM Client version 8.1, but it may also be dependent on server settings, so if the server does not support it, the icon will not be there and the shortcut key will not work.

Arghhh. I have 8.1, but no button! Do you know which Exchange settings? I may try to speak with our admins (although I have little hope that they will act)

Unfortunately not. If you have a Pro License you could open a support ticket with eM Client. They may be able to help.

I just tried this with an Exchange server and it works as expected.