Apple Silicon version

I think that emulated and fully supported are not the same.

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The native (not emulated by Rosetta) version of eM Client is planned. However we are dependent on some 3rd parties in that matter because of our technological stack. It is expected to be available later this year and it is definitely planned. However the Rosetta emulation is well designed and it is nowhere nearly as bad as the ARM emulation in the past (for example on Microsoft ARM Windows). The Apple processor has its own hardware implementation of x86 memory management, so the efficiency is quite good. Moreover the M1 processors are really powerful. We’ve tested eM Client with Rosetta with no efficiency issues at all. If you have some scrolling issues, that is probably an issue not associated with the emulation. In fact our lead developer uses and develops on the new M1 MacBook and his statement that eM Client (and its development as well) is faster on these new processors than on the last most powerful x86 MacBook Pro. But obviously we are looking forward to native version of eM Client for Mac on ARM processors as well.

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@Michal_Burger Thank you so much for this detailed response. That’s all I wanted!

Can you please have a look at my issue:

Thanks for the report. However, the Crashlog is no longer available at the link provided. Could you re-upload it please? If you don’t want to share it here, email it directly to me:

Any progress with an Apple Silicon version? Pretty much the whole of Apple’s Mac product range is now running with M1 silicon . . . emClient is one of the very, very, few applications still running in emulation mode on new Macs.

M1 compatibility would be nice, eMC is averaging almost 1GB of memory on my M1 Mac, more then Photo Shop! Unfortunately that kind of usage I’ll need to go back to Apple Mail until eMC decides if and when they will support Apple Silicon.


How is the Apple Silicon version coming along? Are there any betas available? It has been over a year now since M1 developer Macs were made available to developers. An idea of how things are going would be great. Thank you.

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I bought this software, and now I do not install for M1 because of problems as I read in this topic…

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I think the time has come to look elsewhere for an email client. I’ve tried them all and eM Client and Postbox are my favourites, but neither has an Apple Silicon version. I’ve recently tried Canary Mail which is a universal app and I rather like it. I’m waiting for a while to see what the eM Client developers do, then if they do nothing I’ll buy the pro version of Canary Mail.

Still a wall of silence. Any progress on a native Mac ARM version of eM Client?

@scgf Any new eM Client Mac updates will normally be put on the release history page. Just keep checking that page.

How is the Apple Silicon version coming along? I keep checking the releases page but there’s nothing new for macOS since June 9th. Just a few words from someone about an ETA would be very helpful. Currently eM Client runs but is using 1GB memory on my M1 Mac compared to Canary Mail (Apple Silicon version) which uses only 162 MB.

Still nothing new and a disturbing silence from the emClient developers. Are you abandoning the macOS platform? You effectively have no version of your software that works effectively on the Mac platform. After tomorrow pretty much all Apple’s computers will be based on Apple Silicon.

Yes, unfortunately nothing. I bought this app and it is not usable on M1 without problems.

Can you be more specific? What problems are you experiencing?

I’m, shocked that the developers have effectively withdrawn from the Mac market. All Apple desktop computers are now running on Apple Silicon yet there is not even a beta version of emClient which runs natively on Apple ARM clients. Poor show.

It uses more RAM than Photoshop and the RAM usage increases slowly until it stops working altogether. It is not a native ARM application. Rosetta was designed as a stop-gap, not a permanent solution. Who wants to run an emulated app? Looking at the Mac releases on Release History | eM Client and comparing with the Windows release spells it out.

No, they haven’t.

I know you said this before, but was there some kind of free exchange for that I did not hear about? :laughing: :man_shrugging:

Can you restart eM Client and see if there is any difference?

Version 9 uses .NET 6 and offers vast improvement over the Mono version that we have in version 8.

I did say ‘effectively’ which means although the intention is not to withdraw it is what has happened. I didn’t think I needed to explain what I meant by 'All Apple desktop computers are now running on Apple Silicon". So that you understand me I clearly need to insert the word ‘new’. The sentence now says “All new Apple desktop computers are running on Apple Silicon”. Does that help?

The latest version of eM Client is using 735MB at startup and after 10 mins is using 790MB. Now using 819MB. Meanwhile, Postbox, also running through Rosetta, is using 296MB and Apple Mail running natively is using 98MB.

If you can’t see the advantage of running a native app over an emulated (insert some other word here designed to obfuscate the argument) app then I give up.

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